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Osho Audiobook - Excerpted Talk: What Is the Difference Between Drugs and Meditation? (mp3)


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What Is the Difference Between Drugs and Meditation?

Talk #8 of the Series, Sermons in Stones

Drugs reach only to the mind, temporarily altering your reality. Meditation reaches your consciousness, transforming the quality of your life.

"Don′t be bothered by any experiences that people who are taking drugs will tell you about. Meditation is not concerned with experiences but with the experiencer. Experiences are outside things. Meditation is concerned with you, not what happens to you, not what you see.... A beautiful rose ― certainly under the influence of a drug it will look more beautiful, more radiant but still, what is the use? You remain the same person. Your heart does not open its petals, you are as dead as before. Except for meditation there is no way. Drugs can give you hallucinations, illusory experiences…." Osho
AudioBook - Details Excerpted from: Sermons In Stones, #8, Question 3
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"Drugs like Ecstasy cannot reach your consciousness. They can only reach your mind. They have nothing parallel to meditation.
Meditation reaches your consciousness. It is a state of no-mind. And drugs like Ecstasy reach only to the mind, and give you a euphoria, beautiful dreams, fantasies which appear to be real." Osho
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Osho continues:
" The path of the drug and the path of meditation are totally different.

"On the path of meditation, you will experience silence; you will experience a joy without any reason; you will experience immense light, a luminosity arising from your very center – as if you have become a star. But these things only happen in the beginning part of meditation. As meditation grows, all experiences start going.

"The ultimate in meditation is a state of no experience.

"Just pure nothingness – because that is the source of existence and that is the place where existence goes again and again to renew itself." Osho

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