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Earthen Lamps

60 Parables and Stories
About Our Mortal Body of Clay and the Immortal Flame of Consciousness
What a precious small book this is – a great gift item or bedside companion. It is one of the very few books that is handwritten, rather than spoken, by Osho. Each beautifully told story deals with an intensely human issue that everyone will have encountered in day-to-day life. Osho’s commentaries invite readers to "play the game of life" with more awareness and humanity the next time such a situation occurs. The medium of parables means that reading these insights is a delight, and grasping them a real possibility.
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OSHO Media International
165 x 190 mm
    #1: The Music of the Sea
    #2: Life Is as We Make It
    #3: Giving Up Renunciation
    #4: What Is a Religious Mind?
    #5: Fear Has No Temples
    #6: The Language of the Devil
    #7: Courage
    #8: Ambition and Inferiority
    #9: Just Ten Steps Ahead
    #10: Unbreakable and Unending Love
    #11: Search within Yourself
    #12: Swim in the Sea of Truth
    #13: Each Life Is an Original Creation
    #14: Spiritual Pride
    #15: "I" Is an Untruth
    #16: The Poison of Faith
    #17: Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!
    # 18: Fearlessness
    #20: Attentiveness
    #21: The Path of Love
    #22: Many Types of Self-deception
    #23: Ego: The Pinnacle of Religion
    #24: The Gold Within
    #25: The Way to Peace
    #26: Knowing Each Other
    #27: Swimming with Existence
    #28: Emperors, Not Slaves
    #29: Indifference towards Religion
    #30: Find the Problem First
    #31: Death Is Hidden within Birth
    #32: The Person Who Decides to Give Up Never Does So
    #33: A Life of Love, a Life of Prayerfulness
    #34: Accept Yourself
    #35: Our Own Reflections in Others
    #36: Echoes
    # 37: The World Is as Our Eyes See It
    #38: The Ways of the Ego
    #39: A Very Strange Contest
    #40: Discrimination, with Eyes Fully Open
    #41: Truth Is Very Internal
    #42: A Life of Love, a Life of Prayerfulness
    #43: Ignorance Is Vocal and Knowledge Is Silent
    #44: The Door to Life through the Process of Death
    #45: Religion Lives in the Breaths of Life
    #46: What Is Life?
    #47: Free from the Mind
    #48: Clothes Can Deceive
    #49: Happy as a King
    #50: Unasked Opinions
    #51: Life and Death Are Not Separate
    #52: The Priest and the Sudra
    #53: Religion Cannot Be Purchased
    #54: The First Step of the Ladder
    #55: Who Is Minding the Shop?
    #56: Where Is Happiness?
    #57: Fear of Death
    #58: The Ego Wants What No One Else Has
    #59: Prayer Is Not Demanding
    #60: The Weight of the Ego
Excerpt from: Earthen Lamps, Letter 33
"One day I was in a forest. It was rainy season and the trees were full of happiness. I told my companions: "Do you see how happy are the trees? Why? Because one has become what one actually is." If the seed be one thing and the tree wishes to be something else, there will not be so much happiness in the forest, because the trees know nothing about the ideals; therefore, they have become what their nature desired them to be. Beauty lies where development is in keeping with the form and the nature. Man is in misery; because he is against himself. He fights with his own roots and is constantly struggling to be different from what he is. This way he loses himself and also loses the heaven which is everybody’s natural right.

"’Friends, is it not desirable that you should wish to be what you could be? Is it not desirable that you should give up all efforts to be anything except your own self? Is it not in that desire that the mainspring of all miseries lives? What attempts could be more impossible and meaningless than the desire to be different from the self? Everyone can be only that which he can be, because it is only in the seed that the development of a tree lies. The desire to be something else can only lead to failure; failure, because how could that which is not hidden in the self from the beginning appear in the end? Life is a manifestation of that which is covered and hidden right since the birth. Development is mere uncovering; and where the hidden does not become manifest, misery comes into being. Just as a mother will find herself in unbearable and undescribable pain she carries the child in her womb for all her life, similarly those persons find themselves in misery who do not become what they were destined to be. But I find that everyone is running the same race. All of them want to what they are not and they cannot be so. What is the ultimate result? The result is that they do not become what they could have been. What he could not be, he does not become in any case; but he is deprived of what he could have become." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life... freedom... fear... love... death... knowing... acceptance... truth... happy... godliness...

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