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Emotional Wellness

Transforming Fear, Anger, and Jealousy into Creative Energy
How do we reconcile our need to express our emotions with our desire to protect others? Far too often we find ourselves trapped in this dilemma of expression versus repression. We fear that by expressing our true feelings, we will hurt and alienate those close to us. But by repressing our emotions – even in the benevolent guise of "self-control" – we only risk hurting ourselves.

Osho provides here a practical and comprehensive approach to dealing with this conflict effectively. Incorporating new, never-before-published material, Emotional Wellness leads us to understand the roots of our emotions, to react to situations in a way that can teach us more about ourselves and others, and to respond to life’s inevitable ups and downs with far greater confidence and equilibrium.


The impact that fear, anger, and jealousy have on our lives
How emotions like guilt, insecurity, and fear are used to manipulate us
How to break out of unhealthy responses to strong emotions
How to transform destructive emotions into creative energy
The role of society and culture on our individual emotional styles

Osho’s unique insight into the human mind and heart goes far beyond conventional psychology. He teaches us to experience our emotions fully and to deal with them creatively in order to achieve a richer, fuller life.
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    #Part I: Understanding the Nature of Emotions
    #First Things First: The Mechanics of the Mind
    Repression and Control – the Roots of Emotional Conditioning
    Big Boys Dont Cry, Nice Girls Dont Shout – Varieties of Emotional Expression
    Emotions and the Body
    From Head to Heart to Being – a Journey Back to the Center
    #PART II: Emotional Wellness - Reclaiming Our Inner Harmony
    Begin with Acceptance
    Anger, Sadness and Depression - Branches of the Same Tree
    Understanding the Roots of Jealousy
    From Fear to Love
    #Part III: Watchfulness – the Key to Transformation
    Create a Little Distance
    Suppression or Transformation – the Freedom of Being Human
    Thought, Feeling, Action – Understanding Your type
    Cloud Watching – Observer and Observed
    Meditations and Exercises for Transformation
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Excerpt from: Emotional Wellness
"Emotions cannot be permanent. That’s why they are called "emotions"– the word comes from "motion,"movement. They move; hence, they are ‘emotions.’ From one to another you continually change. This moment you are sad, that moment you are happy; this moment you are angry, that moment you are compassionate. This moment you are loving, another moment full of hatred; the morning was beautiful, the evening is ugly. And this goes on. This cannot be your nature, because behind all these changes something is needed like a thread that holds all of them together. Just as in a garland you see flowers, you don’t see the thread, but the thread is what is holding all the flowers, in the same way these emotions are all flowers. Sometimes anger flowers, sometimes happiness, sometimes pain sometimes anguish. But these are all flowers, and your whole life is the garland. There must be thread; otherwise you would have fallen apart long ago. You continue as an entity – so what is the thread, the polestar? What is permanent in you?" Osho

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