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This is an updated and expanded edition of The Greatest Challenge –The Golden Future

Osho eBook: It's All about Change (Second Edition)


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It's All about Change

The Greatest Challenge to Create a Golden Future for Humanity

Everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, or political beliefs, has a sense of the current crisis of planet Earth. The environmental movement has support around the globe, while politicians — lagging behind reality — are still fighting over whether global warming exists. Decision makers in government and in the private sector are dealing with the symptoms of this crisis, rather than addressing the underlying causes in a positive and constructive way.

Osho points out that the current world crisis is a crisis of consciousness. Until there is a radical change in human consciousness, the interrelated social, political, economic, and ecological crises we face will continue. Osho's radical vision of change addresses how we can turn the present crisis into an opportunity, and what we must do in order to steer our course toward a "golden future" for all humankind and away from what he calls a "global suicide."

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Second Edition
    #1: From the Personal to the Political: Changing Yourself, Changing the World
    #2: In Search of Direction for Change: To the Golden Past or a Golden Future?
    #3: Three Approaches to Change: Reform, Revolution, or Rebellion
    #4: Understanding What Divides Us: Religion, Politics and Superstition
    #5: Proposals for Change: A Bird’s-Eye View of the Future
    Five Dimensions of Education
    Preparing People for Power
    A World Academy of Creative Science, Art and Consciousness
    No Religions but a Quality of Religiousness
    Don’t Serve the Poor, Solve the Problems
    Crime and Punishment
    Science in Service of Life
    Communal and Individual – New Forms of Living Together
    #6: Epilogue: A Manifesto of One Humanity
    About Osho
    OSHO International Meditation Resort
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Excerpt from the Preface:
"The future should not be just a hope and opportunity; those are just lousy words. The future should be absolutely ours – it should be a golden future. We have lived with the idea of a golden past – which was never golden! But we can create a future that is really golden. Now is a great moment. We can manage to have one world. This crisis is a golden crisis, because people change only under conditions of such deep stress. As long as the situation is tolerable, people will tolerate it – but now we are at a point where the situation is not tolerable. There is no more time for commissions and their reports. The problems are very simple. It is just that it has to be made clear to the whole humanity that these problems are your creation, and you are still creating them. A great awareness has to be spread: 'These are the problems you are supporting. Withdraw your support.' And some practical steps should be taken … for example, if someone wants to be a world citizen, the United Nations should provide world citizen passports, not connected with any nation. Just small steps can have a large impact immediately, they will create an atmosphere. This crisis has been created by religions and nationalities, and it has come to the point where they cannot exist anymore.

"If anything is to be done for the future, now is the time. Otherwise the greatest evolution of consciousness in the universe will disappear – and that is not only a loss to the earth, but to the whole of existence. In a million years we have been able to create some possibility of consciousness. But now we don't have time to wait for nature to go on developing in its slow way. It has eternity, but we don’t have. If we are going to solve the future and dissolve the problems, then we have to look for the roots in the past. It is our whole past, in all its dimensions, that has brought about this dangerous situation – and nobody talks about that, because no generation before this has ever bothered about the future. Man has always been living the way he wanted, and forced each new generation to live in the same way. This is no longer possible. We have to take a quantum leap – to teach the new generation not to live the same way we have lived. Only then can the future be shifted." Osho

Review from the Elle Magazine:

Like Socrates he was considered a corrupter of the morals of young people, like all true philosophers he demolished a belief system that produced only unhappiness, not joy.
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

change… challenge… future… crisis… science… religion… creative… consciousness… meditation… evolution…

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