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Moral, Immoral, Amoral

What Is Right and What Is Wrong?
“I don’t say cultivate morality; I say become more conscious, and you will be moral. But that morality will have a totally different flavor to it. It will be spontaneous; it will not be ready-made.” Osho

In a global world, we are in search of universal values—values based on a contemporary understanding that unifies us as human beings beyond the divisions of religions, nations, and race. In Moral, Immoral, Amoral, Osho speaks directly to this contemporary search as he introduces us to a quest for values that make sense in the world we live in—a quest that goes far beyond moral codes of behavior and comes from an inner connectivity and oneness with existence.

The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on the most important questions in the life of the individual. Each volume contains timeless and always-contemporary investigations and discussions into questions vital to our personal search for meaning and purpose, focusing on questions specific to our inner life and quality of existence.
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Chapter Titles
Osho Media International
Excerpt from: Work Is Love Made Visible, Chapter 10
"I would like to say two or three things.

"One thing we need to keep in mind and understand is that if some work is big, significant, and someone is interested in doing it, then that person should already have some inner qualities. Only then can he move the work forward; otherwise not. If we were some ordinary organization providing services – or some other kind of social organization – then it would be a different matter. With the kind of message we want to bring to people, our workers should possess some qualities which reflect that work. Only then can the work reach others properly; otherwise it cannot.

"For example, when we are running a meditation camp with twenty people working there, those twenty people should have some depth of meditation; their transformation should be obvious from the way they behave. They should stand out; otherwise it will be very difficult to accomplish the work through them. So a special kind of worker should be there. I also have the idea that in the future there should be a separate meditation camp for workers, because they miss out, they cannot get the full benefit of the camp – they are so busy with their work.
If they are just like other people, then although the work may get done through them, we will not get the results we could have expected from that work. So far we haven’t looked at this, but something has to be done so that we are able to prepare an entirely different type of worker. And I am ready to do whatever work is needed for this to happen. Some preparation has to be made for the work you are to do, because if a very new idea has to be brought to people, we will also have to prepare a new kind of person. And we cannot expect this from others; much more should be expected from the people who are interested in doing and spreading this work. The way we behave, our demeanor, should be different.

"For instance, there is deep respect in my heart for everyone, however unimportant they may be. If a similar respect is not there in the hearts of the people doing this work, it will become a very contradictory affair. The work has to be done of course, but that work in itself is not going to bring much value; it is not going to be in tune with the vision I have. In my heart there is the same respect for the most ordinary of people as there is for a tirthankara or a bhagwan – a blessed one. If there is not a similar respect for ordinary people in the hearts of those who are going to take my work forward, then they cannot take my work very far.

"What I mean is that one part of the work is mechanical and anyone can do it: a book has to be printed, a book has to be sold – that is the mechanical part of the work. The other part is very alive, very revolutionary. Only if it has reached deep into your own life can it reach others, otherwise it cannot." Osho

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