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Osho eBook: Nirvana: The Last Nightmare (Nook , Kindle , iBook)


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Nirvana: The Last Nightmare

Learning to Trust in Life
Nirvana has become an idealized word associated with the juxtaposition of a cult rock celebrity who died before his time and a vague new age version of Eastern religion. An altered state to be hoped for, but likely unattainable, reinforcing that all too familiar uneasiness associated with never being able to have what we truly desire in life.

Osho masterfully brings this internal state of tension to the surface and through the use of five beautiful Zen stories examines, unravels and reveals the meaning of nirvana. By absorbing without interpreting, making a decision without worrying if it is the right one, or surrendering to each moment, it is possible to come to a point where we simply drop through the manifestations of the ego. In that moment, living an ordinary life becomes an extraordinary delight.
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    #1: Mastered by Zen
    #2: Enlightenment: a Present Possibility
    #3: Mere Players of a Game
    #4: Creativity: a Dynamic Energy
    #5: The Flavor of an Enlightened Being
    #6: Taking the Risk
    #7: The Infinite Journey
    #8: Collecting Seashells
    #9: A Conscious Death
    #10: Living in Nirvana
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Excerpt from: Nirvana: The Last Nightmare, Chapter 2
"You can find anything in the world that you crave for. There will be a nightmare, but there is an end to it. But nirvana is the last and the ultimate nightmare. Once you start seeking it, it is never going to happen – because the very nature is such that the very nature prevents you from reaching it." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

god... nirvana... life... anger... pope... contradictory... male... muso... copernicus... ginsberg...

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