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Originally published as: Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol.1

Osho eBook: The Path of Yoga


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The Path of Yoga

Discovering the Essence and Origin of Yoga
Yoga is now internationally an integral part of our health-conscious cultural landscape. It is practiced by millions for health and fitness reasons. While Yoga is seen and practiced mostly as a body exercise program, the interest in the philosophical and spiritual dimension of Yoga is growing.

This book introduces us to Patanjali, the founder of ancient Yoga in India. It takes us step by step into a deeper understanding of the essence and origins of Yoga. Osho introduces and unlocks Patanjali’s ancient sutras, revealing how contemporary this ancient message truly is. It quickly becomes clear that we are just on the cusp of a gaining a much deeper understanding of Yoga and its place in our evolving world. Surprisingly, the mind even more than the body is the focus of Patanjali’s teaching. He says: "Yoga is the cessation of mind."

As Osho says: "This is the definition of Yoga, the best definition. Yoga has been defined in many ways; there are many definitions. Some say Yoga is the meeting of the mind with the divine; hence, it is called yoga – yoga means meeting, joining together. Some say that Yoga means dropping the ego, ego is the barrier: the moment you drop the ego you are joined to the divine. You were already joined; it only appeared that you were not joined because of the ego. There are many definitions, but Patanjali’s is the most scientific. He says: Yoga is the cessation of mind.

“What is the mind? What is the mind doing there? What is it? Ordinarily we think that mind is something substantial there, inside the head. Patanjali doesn’t agree, and no one who has ever known the inside of the mind will agree. Modern science also doesn’t agree. Mind is not something substantial inside the head. Mind is just a function, just an activity."
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Revised Edition
    #1: Introduction to the Path of Yoga
    #2: Desireless, You Are Enlightened
    #3: Five Modifications of Mind
    #4: Madness or Meditation
    #5: Why Can’t You Dance?
    #6: The Purity of Yoga
    #7: An Ecstasy Is Born
    #8: Stop, and It Is Here!
    #9: This Very Life, the Ultimate Joy
    #10: The End Is in the Beginning
Excerpt from Chapter #4

Madness or Meditation
You said that there are only two alternatives for man, either madness or meditation. But millions of people on the earth have not reached to either of the two. Do you think they will?

“They have reached. They have not reached to meditation, but they have reached to madness. And the difference between the mad who are inside the madhouses and the mad who are outside the madhouses is only of degrees. There is no qualitative difference; the difference is only of quantity. You may be less mad, they may be more mad, but man as he is, is mad.

“Why do I say man as he is, is mad? Madness means many things. One: you are not centered. If you are not centered you will be insane, with many voices in you. Not centered, you are many, you are a multitude. And no one is a master in the house, and every servant of the house claims to be the master. There is confusion, conflict and a continuous struggle. You are in a continuous civil war. If this civil war were not going on then you would be in meditation. But it continues day and night, for twenty-four hours. Write down whatsoever goes on in your mind for a few minutes, and be honest. Write down exactly whatsoever goes on and you yourself will feel that this is mad.

“I have a particular technique I use with many people. I say to them, sit in a closed room and then start saying loudly whatsoever comes into the mind. Talk aloud so that you can listen. After fifteen minutes of this talking, you will feel that you are listening to a madman. Absurd, inconsistent, unrelated fragments float in the mind, your mind! So you may be ninety-nine percent mad and someone else has crossed the boundary, he has gone beyond one hundred percent. Those who have gone beyond one hundred percent are put in the madhouses. We cannot put you in the madhouse because there are not enough madhouses. And there cannot be, or the whole earth would have to be a madhouse.”

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