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Osho eBook: Tantric Transformation


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Tantric Transformation (New Edition)

When Love Meets Meditation
This life is a gift from existence, to be lived and enjoyed. But with the seemingly impossible and conflicting demands of society, morality, and culture, people struggle with feelings of unfulfilled potential, frustration and guilt rather than living full lives.

This uplifting book gives a taste of Osho’s life-affirmative, accepting and far-reaching wisdom, as he comments on The Royal Song of Saraha and answers questions. Saraha was an 8th century Indian sage who left his opulent life in the royal court to live with an arrowsmith woman. Inspired by her single-pointed awareness, and the potential of living each moment, Tantra was born.

The world of Tantra has no division between higher and lower. The simple, ordinary, things of life are transformed into great things when we enter into them totally – be it car fixing, floor cleaning or lovemaking. Osho shows how, living this vision, new heights of consciousness and freedom are realized.
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Chapter Titles
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    #1: The Tantra Map
    #2: Freedom Is a Higher Value
    #3: Breaking the Four Seals
    #4: Trust Cannot Be Betrayed
    #5: From Nothing to Nothing
    #6: I Am Enough Alone
    #7: Intelligence Is Meditation
    #8: Love Makes No Shadow
    #9: No-mind Is the Door
    #10: Just a Remembrance
Excerpt from: Tantric Transformation
"Tantra wants you to be alive – as alive as the trees, as alive as the rivers, as alive as the sun and the moon. That is your birthright. You don’t lose anything by losing it; you gain all. And if everything is to be lost in gaining it, nothing is lost. Even a single moment of utter freedom is enough to satisfy. And a long life of a hundred years, yoked like a slave, is meaningless.

"To be in the world of Tantra needs courage: it is adventurous. Up to now, only a few people have been able to move on that path. But the future is very hopeful. Tantra will become more and more important. Man understands more and more what slavery is, and man also understands that no political revolution has proved revolutionary. All political revolutions finally turn into anti-revolutions. Once revolutionaries are in power they become anti-revolutionary. Power is anti-revolutionary. So there is a built-in mechanism in power: give anybody power and he becomes anti-revolutionary. Power creates its own world. So up to now there have been many revolutions in the world and all have failed, utterly failed; no revolution has helped. Now man is becoming aware of it.

"Tantra gives a different perspective. It is not revolutionary; it is rebellious. Rebellion means individual. You can rebel alone, you need not organize a party for it. You can rebel alone, on your own. It is not a fight against society, remember; it is just going beyond society. It is not anti-social, it is asocial; it has nothing to do with society. It is not against slavery, it is for freedom – freedom to be." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

intelligence... tantra... experience... reality... space... freedom... enjoy... saraha... picasso... udallaka...

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