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The Man Who Loved Seagulls

In The Man Who Loved Seagulls, Osho discusses essential stories and parables from the world’s great wisdom traditions of Zen, Taoism, Christianity, and Judaism.
Osho – himself a master storyteller – interprets the stories in this collection and applies them to the concerns of modern day life. The valuable lessons they impart are both timely and universal.
The stories encourage meditation as they are meant to be told and studied again and again, in order to discover new layers of meaning with each reading. Ideas and topics include:
*The futility of chasing happiness
*The journey from fear to freedom
*The Zen approach to death and dying *The extraordinary intelligence of innocence
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    Walking the Tightrope
    A Story of Two Criminals and Their King
    Mere Players of a Game
    The Angry Samurai at the River Crossing
    Not Knowing Is the Most Intimate
    How Zen Master Hogens Aimless Pilgrimage Brought Him Home
    # : Take No Notice
    The Story of a Housewife's Sudden Enlightenment
    Only the Gold
    The Brazen Thief in the Marketplace Ofch'i
    The Black-nosed Buddha
    How a Zen Nuns Worship Spoiled Her Beautiful Golden Statue
    The Man Who Loved Eagulls
    and why They Stopped Playing with Him
    Looking for Treasure
    How Rabbi Eisik Got the Money for His Shul
    Neither Do I Condemn Thee
    The Angry Crowd and the Adulterous Woman
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Excerpt from: The Man Who Loved Seagulls, Chapter 1
"Watch… somebody says he is a Mohammedan, somebody says he is a Hindu, somebody says he is a Christian, somebody says he is a Jew – their beliefs are different, but watch their lives and you will not find any difference. The Mohammedan, the Jew, the Christian, the Hindu – they all live the same life. Their life is not at all touched by their belief.

"In fact, beliefs cannot touch your life, beliefs are devices. Beliefs are cunning devices through which you say ’ I know what life is ’ – and you can rest at ease, you are not troubled by life. You hold a concept and that concept helps you to rationalize. Then life does not bother you much because you have all the answers to all the questions.

"But remember… unless religion is personal, unless religion is not abstract but real, deep in your roots, deep in your guts – unless it is like blood and bone and marrow – it is futile, it is of no use. It is the religion of philosophers not the religion of sages." Osho

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