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Osho eBook: Twenty Difficult Things to Accomplish in this World


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Twenty Difficult Things to Accomplish in this World

"Life is not a bed of roses. It is difficult, it is complex. It is very rare to be alive in the true sense of the word. To be born is one thing; to be alive, quite another." Osho

"The Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters" is a succinct summary doctrine by which Buddhism was introduced to China. Each of the 42 sutras begins with “the Buddha said”. This particular sutra deals with “20 Difficult Things to Accomplish in this World” and Osho takes us through each verse, and dissects it line by line, never omitting to explain--in clear modern terms--the real meaning of the verses.
eBook - Details Talk from the original series: The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol.2, #1
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"Buddha says once you understand that you are lost and you have to
find your own way and there is no help coming, you become responsible.
Prayer is an irresponsibility. To pray is just to avoid. To pray is to be lazy."
To pray is just an escape." Osho
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Osho continues:
"Unless a man is spiritual he is not alive yet. But to move from the biological realm to the spiritual realm is very difficult, arduous. It is the greatest challenge there is. It is the greatest quantum leap – from the body to the soul, from the material to the immaterial, from the visible to the invisible, from time to timelessness, from out to in. It is arduous.

"Buddha, in this sutra, says there are twenty difficult things. These twenty difficult things can become twenty steps of the challenge. These twenty difficult things are not to make you beware of them; Buddha is talking about these twenty difficult things not to make you avoid them – it is an invitation, it is a challenge.

"These twenty himalayan peaks are just a challenge for you... a great invitation. Don′t remain in the valley. The valley is very secure, convenient, comfortable. You will live comfortably, you will die comfortably. But you will not grow. You will only grow old, but you will not grow.

"Growth happens only when you are accepting a challenge. Growth happens only when you start living dangerously. These twenty things are indicative of how one should live." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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