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The World of Emotions

Creating a milieu of friendliness around yourself
A unique set of tools for everybody who is interested in improving human relations, and a great help in understanding where we are all coming from and what makes us tick. Full of simple, practical suggestions for creating a milieu of friendliness around yourself that is honest, sincere, and accepting of all our human frailties.

One of the greatest challenges we face in life is learning how to handle and transform emotions. In this small book, Osho takes the reader step by step toward a deeper understanding of the inner world of emotions - where they come from, what types of situations can trigger them, and why they so often take us by surprise.
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Osho talks about The World of Emotions
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We are taught that anger is bad, and we resolve not to be angry - but still it happens! Why is that? The first step in understanding is to identify and become aware of the conflicts between our intellectual understandings and the emotional realities that so often dominate our lives, between what we think and what we what we feel. Once the roots of this conflict are clearly seen and understood, the split can be healed. And the powerful life
Excerpted from: The Path of Meditation, #5
“Most of the activities in life originate from the world of emotions, not from the world of thoughts. You must also have noticed that you think one thing, and when the time comes you do something else. The reason for this is that there is a fundamental difference between emotions and thinking. You may decide that you will not become angry; you may think that anger is bad, but when anger gets hold of you, thinking is left aside and you become angry.

“As long as a transformation in the world of emotions does not happen, just thinking and contemplation alone cannot bring about a revolution in life. That is why, on the spiritual journey the most basic point is the emotions. So this morning we will discuss how to bring about the purification of the emotions.

“Of the many dimensions that emotions cover I would like to emphasize four. I will talk about the four aspects through which emotions can become pure. These are also the four aspects that can reverse and become a womb for impure feelings. The first of these aspects is friendliness, the second is compassion, the third is cheerfulness, and the fourth is gratitude. If you were to include these four emotions in your life you would achieve purity of emotions.
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

friendliness… compassion… cheerfulness…. gratitude… happiness… anger… love… meditation… awareness… breath…

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