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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: From the False to the Truth (mp3)


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From the False to the Truth

A series of talks to make the White House and the Vatican tremble. Powerful, convincing and exposingly hilarious, Osho confronts the religious leaders and government officials who eventually destroyed the commune in America.
Osho answers personal questions on a wide variety of subjects highlighting the fallacies upon which the priests and politicians hold their power over mankind, and giving insight into his vision for the birth of the New Man which offers us an alternative means of living – in truth and freedom. This vision includes communal living, beyond the traditional family unit, which was flowering around him in Oregon at the time of these talks.

Osho says: "A commune is only a small experiment, a kind of rehearsal where you can dissolve without any fear. Once you know how to dissolve, melt, you have known all; the same has to be done with the whole. And the paradoxical phenomenon is, when you dissolve in the whole, the whole dissolves in you."
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Excerpt from: From the False to the Truth Chapter 18
"The ego and all its games... marriage is its game, money is its game, power is its game. All the games are the games of ego. The society up to now has remained playing games; it is an ongoing Olympics all over the world. Everybody is fighting his way upwards, and everybody else is pulling his legs down, because at the Everest peak there is not enough space for you all to stand.

"It is a cut-throat competition. And it becomes so important to you, that you forget completely that this ego was planted in you by the society, by the teachers. From the kindergarten to the university, what are they doing? – strengthening your ego. More and more degrees go on being added to your name, and you start feeling bigger and bigger and bigger.

"Ego is the greatest lie – which you have accepted as a truth. But all vested interests are very much in favor of it, because if everybody becomes aware of egolessness, this whole Olympics going on around the world will simply come to a standstill. Nobody will want to climb Everest, they will enjoy wherever they are. They will be rejoicing.

"The ego keeps you waiting: tomorrow when you succeed, you will rejoice. Today, of course, you have to suffer, you have to sacrifice. If you want to succeed tomorrow, today you have to sacrifice. You have to deserve success, and for that you are doing every kind of gymnastics. And it is only a question of a little time to suffer, and then there is rejoicing. But that tomorrow never comes. It has never come.

"Tomorrow simply means that which never comes. It is postponing living. It is a beautiful strategy to keep you suffering. Politicians want you to suffer, priests want you to suffer, your educational system wants you to suffer. They all teach you that sacrifice is great: Sacrifice – only then will you be able to find something to rejoice in; sacrifice is the way.

"I say it categorically, No! Sacrifice is the invention of the cunning people. There is no need to sacrifice anything because all that you need to rejoice is already here within you.

"But the ego cannot rejoice in the present. It cannot exist in the present; it exists only in the future, in the past – that which is not. The past is no more, the future is not yet; both are non-existential. Ego can exist only with the non-existential, because it itself is non-existent.

"In the present, pure moment you will find no ego in you – simply a silent joy, a silent and pure nothingness." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

heart... living... sleep... awakened... personality... nobody... enlightenment... moses... ouspensky... columbus...

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