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Garden of the Beloved

Music has always been of primary importance in the world of meditation, relaxation and introspection.
And not by chance; unlike other artistic expression, music addresses itself directly to the more instinctive and intimate part of ourselves which does not need the logical mind to function and respond.

"In your enlightenment, the master has again become enlightened.
As each disciple becomes enlightened, the master becomes again and again enlightened and with the sheer joy of a gardener when each of his plants starts blossoming.
Just watch his eyes – all those colors, all those flowers dancing in the wind, in the rain, in the sun – and how long he has been waiting!
You are my garden I will wait until you gather courage, disappearing in the soil. Losing yourself in complete let go".

Osho, excerpted from: Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt
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Excerpt from: Osho, The Voice of Silence, Chapter 12
"If there is one thing that is worth learning more than anything else in life, it is a sense of music, a feeling for music. What music tells us is that the ultimate mystery of life is not a crowd of different notes, is not a chaos, is not a disharmony; rather, all the notes together are pointing to and indicating one thing. They are creating one wave, one rhythm; they are indicating that at the ultimate center of life everything is connected and in harmony.

"The chaos that we may be seeing is because of our own blindness; and the turmoil that we hear in the notes, the tension that we perceive is because of our deafness. Because we cannot hear properly, we fail to experience that single harmony that is flowing between all the notes. We hear the notes, but we do not hear the bridge, the music that joins them all together. As our capacity for listening grows, the notes start disappearing and the music begins to manifest. Then a moment comes when all the notes disappear, all the waves disappear; when only the ocean of music, only the feeling of music remains.

"Music is the relationship of love between the different notes, the path through which one note can connect with the next, the way in which one note can disappear into another note and become absorbed in it.

"The space which exists between two notes is not empty. That space is full. Even though it is filled with absolute silence, even though it is filled with emptiness, it is full. To experience it is to experience the music of life.

"You may have heard that truth cannot be expressed in words, but that it manifests itself in the space which lies between the words. You may also have heard that emptiness does not separate but unites; that a void is not merely a void, that even a void is filled with a unique music. But we are not able to hear the music of that stillness, of that void. The music of life is found there, but we are not able to recognize those spaces – rather, they appear to us to be dark valleys. We hear a sound which is followed by another sound, but we don′t hear any connecting thread. This gives us the impression of chaos." Osho

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