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The Responsibilty of Being Oneself
In a culture infatuated with youth and determined to avoid old age at all costs, this book dares to raise a question that has been all but forgotten in the age of Viagra and cosmetic surgery. What benefits might lie in accepting the aging process as natural, rather than trying to hold on to youth and its pleasures all the way to the grave?

Osho takes us back to the roots of what it means to grow up rather than just to grow old. Both in our relationships with others, and in the fulfillment of our own individual destinies, he reminds us of the pleasures that only true maturity can bring. He outlines the ten major growth cycles in human life, from the self-centered universe of the preschooler to the flowering of wisdom and compassion in old age.
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St. Martins Press, USA
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    #Foreword: The Art of Living
    From Ignorance to Innocence
    Maturity and Aging
    Maturity of Spirit
    The Seven-year Cycles of Life
    The Mature Relationship
    Dependence, Independence, Interdependence
    Needing and Giving, Loving and Having
    Love and Marriage
    Parent and Child
    Love plus Awareness Equals Being
    Standing at the Crossroads
    When Eternity Penetrates Time
    The Laws of Aging
    The Stranger in the Drawing Room
    Menopause - Its Not Just a "girl Thing"
    The Dirty Old Man
    From No to Yes
    Integration and Centering
    When Birth and Death Become One
    Dropping out of the Game
    Justifiable Homicide
    Life without Attitude
    From Sex to Sensuality
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Excerpt from: Maturity: The Responsibility of Being Oneself, Chapter 1
"There are two ways to live: one, to live in a deep sleep – then you age, every moment you become old, every moment you go on dying, that’s all. Your whole life consists of a long, slow death. But if you bring awareness to your experiences – whatsoever you do, whatsoever happens to you, you are alert, watchful, mindful, you are savoring the experience from all the corners, you are trying to understand the meaning of it, you are trying to penetrate the very depth of it, what has happened to you, you are trying to live it intensely and totally – then it is not just a surface phenomenon. Deep down within you something is changing with it. You are becoming more alert. If this is a mistake, this experience, you will never commit it again.

"A mature person never commits the same mistake again. But a person who is just old goes on commiting the same mistakes again and again. He lives in a circle; he never learns anything." Osho

Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Everyday Ecstasy.:
"This wise and witty book is the baby boomers’ bible! It offers hot tips on maturity as the path to wisdom, the art of transcending problems rather than having to solve them, and the secret of transforming a mid-life crisis into a creative explosion."

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