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OSHO Mahamudra Meditation

A meeting between you and the cosmos
This meditation is a meeting between you and the cosmos, between you and the whole of existence. It helps you to merge, melt and let-go on the deepest level possible.

A 45-minute meditation, with two stages.
Music for Meditations - Details Meditation Stages:
OSHO Multimedia & Resorts
    #First Stage: Latihan
30 min.
    #Second Stage: Become a vehicle for the divine energy
15 min.
Osho talks about Mahamudra:
"There is a difference in saying and saying. When you say without knowing it, without realizing it, it is just gibberish, just words and words and words, without any soul in them; it is a corpse; there is no aliveness in it. Those words stink – they stink of death. There is no heartbeat of life. When you know, when you have experienced, when you have fallen into that abyss called God, when you are transformed by that surrender, when you are totally immersed in it, when your every cell is bathed in it, then you say; but your words are not mere words. They carry silence. They are vehicles of silence; they are gestures of silence. We have a special name for it in the East: mahamudra – the great gesture.

"Look at my hand. If it is empty, if there is nobody behind it who has experienced, then it is an ordinary gesture. But if there is somebody behind it who has known, who has lived, who has experienced, then raising this hand is a great gesture, mahamudra. Then the ordinary hand becomes extraordinary. Then ordinary words are no more ordinary words. You cannot go to the dictionary to find their meaning. When a word is full of silence, you will have to go within yourself to find its meaning, not to a dictionary, not to a library. You will have to go within yourself. The meaning will be found in your experience."

Osho, The First Principle, Chapter #7

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