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Music for OSHO Mandala Meditation (CD)


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OSHO Mandala Meditation

Every circle contains a center. In the first three stages of this energetic and powerful technique "centering" is the aim, through the creation of a circle of energy. Then, in the fourth stage, the relaxation.

A one-hour meditation, with four stages.
Music for Meditations - Details Meditation Stages: You can read more about this meditation here?
New Earth Records
    #First Stage: Run on the spot
15 min.
    #Second Stage: Let your body sway from the waist
15 min.
    #Third Stage: Rotate your eyes
15 min.
    #Forth Stage: Be still
15 min.
Osho talks about active Meditations:
"People come to me and they say, ‘We have insomnia, we cannot sleep, so tell us some way to relax’ – they are Aristotelian. I tell them, ‘There is no need for you to relax. Just go for a walk, a long walk, run madly – two hours in the morning, two in the evening, and then rest will follow automatically. It always follows! You don′t need techniques of relaxation; you need techniques of active meditation, not relaxation."

Osho, The Hidden Harmony, Chapter #1

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