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Basho's Pond

Sweet melodies on a small wooden flute soaring with rhythms of the acoustic guitar and soft percussion, lilting, lively and smooth. Created by world travelers, this eclectic ethnic music reminds us to relax and enjoy the good things of life.

"Zen poets have written beautiful haikus, so condensed that a vast poetic world becomes like a seed in the haiku.
Sometimes they are very simple, you cannot even catch the significance immediately. But if you ponder over them, meditate upon them, then by and by the small haiku becomes a door.
A few days before I was reading Basho’s famous haiku. It is very small, but if you meditate upon it, suddenly a door opens.

"The haiku is:
Old pond
frog jumps in
water sound.

Just visualize it – an old pond, very ancient, a frog jumps in, the water sound.
Finished. Nothing more to say. A whole situation condensed. If you meditate on it suddenly you will feel a silence surrounding you. Something will change within you. It is objective art".

Osho, excerpted from: The Grass Grows by Itself
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Excerpt from: Osho, Die O Yogi Die, Chapter 10
"Music is a very valuable thing. If you have to sacrifice something for it, then do it. If you have to renounce the family then renounce them, but don′t renounce music. If you truly enjoy music it can become your meditation, your samadhi.

"Music is the easiest method of meditation. Those who can dissolve into music have no need to seek for any other way to dissolve. Music is a wonderful intoxication. Music is the ultimate wine. Dissolving deeper and deeper into it, your thoughts will go, your ego will disappear. Take music as your meditation.

"If one has an interest in music then everything else can be dropped, but not the music. If music itself becomes your sannyas, then let it. This much courage will be needed. The courage to put everything at stake will be needed, only then can something be attained in life. Then everything else becomes secondary. If this is the voice of your being, then follow this voice." Osho

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