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Five Fingers

The title of this CD comes from an Osho reference of the gaps in music creating silence. That is reflected in these sensitive interpretations with names like Hidden Mystery and Back to the Source. The gentle rhythm of the musical poems is something you will treasure for years.

"You see my five fingers, but somebody can see the five gaps between my fingers.
Ordinarily you will not see the gaps, you will see five fingers. But the gaps are more real: fingers may come and go, gaps will remain.
Between sounds of music there are gaps of silence. The authentic music consists not of sounds, but of the gaps. Sounds come and go; those gaps remain. And music can make you aware of those gaps more beautifully than anything else; hence I have to say that music comes next to silence".

Osho, excerpted from: The Great Pilgrimage: From here to Here
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Excerpt from: Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines, Chapter 9
"When thought is not disturbing youthoughts are like ripples on the lake; silence is like no ripples on the lake, just beingsuddenly you become aware of a music that has always surrounded you. Suddenly it enters from everywhere. You are overwhelmed, you are possessed.

"This is the first thing to understand. You will not be able to know truth unless you have become capable of listening to the ancient music of omkar. This music is the very heartbeat of existence, this music is the very door of existence. You will not be able to enter the temple of godliness but with this music as the bridge. Only on this music, riding on this music, will you enter him. The kingdom of God is available only to those who have become capable of listening to the eternal music.

"It has been heard, I have heard it. You can hear it: nobody except yourself is barring the path, nobody is hindering. If you are missing, you are missing only on your own account. There is not a wall between you and the music; even if you feel there to be a wall it is only of your own thoughts, and even then the music goes on penetrating you. You may not listen to it, but it goes on massaging your whole being; it goes on nourishing you, it goes on giving you life, it goes on rejuvenating you. Your heart throbs in the same rhythm as the heart of the whole." Osho

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