Osho Music: Terra Incognita (mp3, AAC)


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Terra Incognita

No Goal but the Path

This music, played on a mix of Western, Indian and African instruments, was inspired by these words:
"Tao means only the path, no goal. There is no goal, only the path.
And unless you learn to enjoy the journey itself, you will become more and more serious.
If you want to remain in tune with life, then remain always a celebration.
Find out in every moment, in every situation, a possibility of festivity. And I don’t know a single situation in which you cannot find some way to celebrate".

Osho, excerpted from: Sat Chit Anand
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Excerpt from: Osho, Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty, Chapter 22
Sex seems to be dropping me. Is music next?

"I can understand your worry. You are asking, ‘Sex seems to be dropping me. Is music next?’

"Music is not something biological, it is not something concerned with your chemistry or physiology. Music is not even of the mind. Music is somethinga space between mind and meditation. It is one of the most mysterious phenomena. To conceive it is almost impossible in intellectual terms – for the simple reason that it is beyond mind, but not yet meditation.

"Music can go higher and further away from mind, and then it starts becoming closer and closer to peace and silence. One is a musician only when he understands the sound of silence, and one who understands the sound of silence is capable of creating sounds which are synonymous with silence. And that is the most miraculous thing. Then the musician has come to his full flowering. Beyond this music starts the world of meditation.

"So you can go both ways: either from meditation you can come to music as an expression, a creative expression of your experience, or you can go from music to meditation – because music brings you closer and closer to meditation as music becomes immense silence, sounds merging into silence, sounds creating deeper silences than you have ever known. Then you are very close to the boundary of meditation." Osho

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