Osho Music: This ! Commentaries of the Bamboos (mp3, AAC)


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This! - Commentaries of the Bamboos

In these musical impressions, soft harmonies create a background with little snatches of melody darting through it like birds flitting between the bamboos. This music steals up on you; it whispers like a gentle breeze. If you listen carefully, you can hear the heartbeat of the bamboo grove.

"The silence night,
And ten thousand Buddhas
Watching silently
There cannot be anything greater,
Or more significant.
The clouds have also joined,
The bamboos are making commentaries.

I hope there will be a day
When the whole humanity
Will understand this buddhahood
Spread this experience
To all those who are groping in darkness".

Osho, excerpted from: Dogen, The Zen Master : A search and a Fulfillment
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Excerpt from: Osho, Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 2, Chapter 1
"Music is a harmony – it is harmony between sound and silence. Sound belongs to the earth, silence belongs to the beyond. Music is, as Pythagoras believed and called it, numinous. The word numinous comes from a Latin root numen. It is a tremendously significant word, very pregnant with meaning. Numen means a nod from the above, a yes from the beyond.

"Music creates such a harmony that even God starts nodding at you, saying yes to you. Music is numinoussuddenly the sky starts touching you; you are overwhelmed by the beyond. And when the beyond is closer to you, when the footsteps of the beyond are heard, something inside you gets the challenge, becomes silent, quieter, calmer, cool, collected.

"In the Pythagorean mystery school, music was one of the greatest things – and that′s my effort here too. We have to create great music so that great meditative states become possible. Music is outer meditation: meditation is inner music. They go together, hand in hand, embracing each other. It is one of the greatest experiences of life when music is there surrounding you, overwhelming you, flooding you, and meditation starts growing in you – when meditation and music meet, world and God meet, matter and consciousness meet. That is Unio Mystica – the mystic union." Osho