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Ten Bulls of Zen

"Everybody has his own light. But it is true only as far as we are talking about it, as far as it is only a concept. Once it becomes your experience, everything dissolves, including you. Then there is light, oceanic light, in which everyone has dissolved like dewdrops." Osho
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"The object is irrelevant. Only the subjectivity is relevant. Whether listening to me, or listening to a fluteplayer, or listening to the birds in the morning, or sitting by the side of the waterfall and listening to it, the same experience can happen. It happens not from what you listen to, it happens because you listen. Just listening gives you total silence; in deep listening you disappear. The whole art is how to listen."

Osho, Come Follow To You, Vol 3, #10

Ten Bulls of Zen
Excerpted from: Live Zen, #10

"That is one of the most beautiful stories man has ever created. It is a collection of ten paintings....

"In the first painting, the bull is lost, the owner is looking here and there, and there are trees all around, but there is no sign of the bull.

"In the second picture, he recognizes deep in the forest just the tail of the bull. It indicates that perhaps the bull is hiding there behind the trees.

"In the third picture he sees the footprints of the bull, going towards the same direction where he can see the tail of the bull.

"In the fourth he has seen the whole bull.

"In the fifth he has caught hold of the bull.

"In the sixth he has managed to ride on it.

"In the seventh he is coming back towards home, sitting on the bull. In the eighth he has put the bull in the stall from where he has escaped.

"In the ninth he is sitting by the side of the bull, playing on the flute. These nine paintings are existent in Zen as it exists in Japan, but the original collection was Chinese....

"The last painting is missing in these paintings, and the last painting is the most important. It is not just by accident that this painting is missing. It has been dropped deliberately, considering the implications of it. It is a dangerous painting because in the tenth the man is going towards the marketplace with a bottle of alcohol.

"What are you going to do after you become enlightened? That's what I was saying to you... after a few minutes one starts feeling thirsty, it is time....

"The tenth was of immense importance; it says that even when you have found the bull which is symbolic of finding yourself it does not mean that you become superior to other human beings. When you have found yourself, rather than becoming superior to others, for the first time you understand humbleness and you start moving towards the marketplace: to the lowliest, humblest, towards the pub where people are drunk. Your buddhahood does not make the drunkards condemned, but you yourself start moving towards the pub to make friends with the condemned, to help them come out of their drunkenness. And that is the only way to help them, to be with them." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

ten bulls... zen... finding yourself... enlightenment... buddhahood...footprints... light... dissolve... symbolic...nine bulls...

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