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The Fear of Knowing Oneself

Why am I always running so fast? Is there something that I don’t want to see?

"It is not only you; almost everybody is running as fast as he can from himself. And the problem is, you cannot run away from yourself. Wherever you go you will be yourself. The fear is of knowing oneself."Osho

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"When you listen to me, healing is happening all the time. When you listen to me so attentively that you are not there – no mind, no thinking – you have become just the ears, you just listen, you absorb; and I am not here at all, so when in some rare moments you are also not there, there is healing."

Osho, Come Follow To You, Vol 4, #4

The Fear of Knowing Oneself
Excerpted from: Satyam Shivam Sundaram #16

"Going inwards is the whole secret of all alchemical transformation of being. Running away is simply wasting tremendously valuable time, and a life that could have been a great song, a great creativity, a tremendous festival of lights. The farther away you are from yourself, the darker your life will become, the more miserable, more anxiety ridden, more wounded, condemned, rejected by yourself.

"And the farther away you are the more difficult it becomes to find the way back home. You have been going away from yourself for many many lives, but if you move on a right, meditative path you are not gone very far.

"Meditation is the short cut from where you are to where you should be. And meditation is such a simple method that anybody, even a small child, can enter into its wonderland.

"Rather than running away, run withinwards. Come closer to yourself to have a better look. Nobody else can see your inner reality; only you can see that splendor and that glory. Because nobody else can see your inner beauty they go on condemning you. Only you can assert your blissfulness, only you can assert ultimately your enlightenment.

"Even then people will be suspicious. They were suspicious about Socrates, they were suspicious about Gautam Buddha, they were suspicious about Jesus. Their suspicion is rooted in fact in their own unawareness of their inner being.

"How can they believe Gautam Buddha, that in the inner silences of the heart is the ultimate ecstasy? They don't know anything of the inner, not even the ABC. They don't know anything about ecstasy. They may listen to a Gautam Buddha, just because of his presence, his charismatic eyes, his magnetic vibration, but when they go home, they will start suspecting, doubting.

"And this is happening even here. I receive many letters saying that 'when we listen to you everything seems to be absolutely right. As we reach home doubts start arising; the mind starts saying to us that we have been hypnotized.'

"There are millions of people who want to come close to me but are afraid, for the simple reason that they may be hypnotized. It is something far deeper than hypnosis. You are not hypnotized, you are simply taken into a different vision of your own self. It is not something like magic; you are not being befooled, you are being awakened.

"The word 'hypnosis' means asleep, and my whole work is to awaken you. You are already asleep and you have been asleep for lives together.

"It is time to wake up.

"You have wasted too much valuable time, energy, opportunity already. But still there is time and the moment you wake up, for you the night ends and the dawn begins." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

fear... knowing oneself... meditation... inner reality... inner being... Buddha... awakening... enlightenment... hypnosis... waking up...

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