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Meditation - A Dancing Silence

"Just be joyful. And life is so hilarious... all around. You have just to look joyfully and you will not find time for suffering and agony. In this beautiful life there is every possibility for you to become a great meditator. But you have to learn to see the joyous side of life. It is full of juice, full of laughter, and if you can also laugh with it, nobody can prevent your meditativeness. Meditativeness will come on its own accord, following your joy like a shadow.

"What is meditativeness?

"Just a silence, a dancing silence." Osho

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"You are fortunate that you can listen the right way – putting the mind aside, just allowing me to sink deeper and deeper within you. Then even though words have been used, silence has been conveyed. Even though words have been used, that which cannot be said has been said – at least has been heard. And saying is not important, hearing is important."

Osho, Beyond Psychology, #21

Meditation - A Dancing Silence
Excerpted from: Hari Om Tat Sat, #13

"You have found it very clearly in your own meditations that when you are in suffering you want to meditate, but when you are happy you don't even think about it. You are using meditation again as a new hope, as a new consolation. You are not really a meditator. You are using meditation also as medicine. It will give you some relief, but it cannot transform you to a state where ecstasy becomes your moment-to-moment experience.

"You will have to learn something which has been forcibly killed by all the religions and all the politicians and all the powers; it was in their favor. We have forgotten completely that to be joyous in fact is the basic condition of meditation. When you are joyous, that is the right moment to meditate. Then you can ride on the wave of joy into higher realms. When you are suffering, meditation may help to bring you out of your suffering, but that is not much. When you are feeling a well-being, when you are feeling ready to dance, that is the moment to meditate. Then you can ride on higher waves of dancing, music, into meditation.

"Meditation has to be taken out of the hands of the religions. They are using it for wrong reasons, for exploitation, and they have done it for so many centuries that it has become almost an inbuilt program in us."

"So, on the one hand you have chosen a wrong situation in which to meditate. At the most meditation can pull you out, somehow from your downgoing, your suffering, but it cannot give you joy or ecstasy. It is enough if it can take you out of your misery. The real situation is a healthy, happy, joyous state of mind. But at that time you think of playing football, at that time you want to go to the movies, at that time you want to watch television; that is the time to go to a discotheque. In fact that is the time to meditate.

"When you are suffering you can go to hell: any discotheque, any restaurant, any game boyfriend, girlfriend game. When you are suffering, these are the things to do. But when you are happy, feeling good, in tune, surrounded with a certain well-being, don't waste it in stupid things. This is the right springboard from where you can take a jump into higher realms of consciousness, of blissfulness, of peace and ecstasy. This idea is just an old conditioning, forced upon you by those who were immensely profited by it. You have to understand it and change the situation." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

joyful side... ecstacy...the basic condition... great meditator...the dancing silence... the right moment...real situation...healthy...happy...joyous state...

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