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Osho Video - Individual Talk: Knowing the Truth Is to Experience Existence as it Is (YouTube Rental)


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Knowing the Truth Is to Experience Existence as it Is

"Existence has no personality. No question of personalities, it simply is whatsoever it is.

"To experience existence as it is, is to know the truth.

"The closest is to move from your own center, because that is where you are joined with existence. Your hands can touch a flower; your eyes can see the colors of the clouds, sky, sunset. Your ears can hear the music of the birds, the sound of the running water or just the breeze passing through the trees; or in the fall, the leaves falling silently, but still whispering something...." Osho

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"I am here for many sorts of people. I am not one dimensional; I am here for all sorts of people, and I am speaking to all of them. By and by, listening to me, being attentive to me, you will go on deciding by your feeling. Then I will continue to speak; you will love to listen, you will love to understand, but you will not be distracted."

Osho, The Beloved, Vol 1, #2

Knowing the Truth Is to Experience Existence as it Is
Excerpted from: From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, #27

"I am against all the religions, because all these religions are not religions. If they were religions there would have been only one religion in the whole world. There is no possibility of there being even two religions, what to say about three hundred religions it is absolutely absurd. It is strange that man continues to tolerate it. These are all fictions, created by different people, different societies, different geographies. They have nothing to do with religion as such, because religion is not geographical, is not historical. Religion is not racial, is not national. All these categories are irrelevant as far as religion is concerned.

"Do you ever think of science in terms of nations, races, countries, historical periods, geography? If the water boils at a hundred degrees here, today, it has always been boiling at a hundred degrees everywhere, in the past, and it is going to boil at a hundred degrees in the future too. It will not make any difference whether the person who is boiling the water is a Jew or a Hindu or a Christian or a communist; whether he believes in God or does not believe in God; whether he is a sinner or a saint. It won't make any difference at all; the water will boil at a hundred degrees all the same. That's a truth, and you need not create any fiction about it.

"Religious experience is a truth. When you discover it, you will not find that it is Christian or Hindu or Mohammedan or Buddhist. It has nothing to do with all these words.

"The moment you discover religious truth, all space, all time, become irrelevant. It is simply beyond time and space. It is immaterial. Five thousand years before, five thousand years afterwards, it is exactly the same. The universe remains authentically itself. It is not wearing phony masks that it goes on changing, so when one mask suits, it uses it; when another mask suits, it uses that. The universe has no masks, it is utterly naked. It is not like you; it has no personality. Truth has no personality.

"You have not only personality, you have personalities, each one of you many personalities, because you need different faces in different situations with different people. When you are talking to your wife you need one personality: the personality of a husband. When you are talking to your girlfriend you talk differently; you are using the personality of a lover. When you are talking to the priest, you certainly behave in a different way." Osho


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