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Osho Video - Individual Talk: Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment  (YouTube Rental)


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Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

"If we can create a circle of conscious energy around the earth, that is the only hope for the world, for the new man. Otherwise, this century is going to see the end of all life on this earth. But we are taking the challenge, and I don't think that death is more powerful than life, that hate is more powerful than love, that nuclear weapons are more powerful than mystic experiences. We have to prove it. And I am certain that we are capable of proving it." Osho

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"Listen to me – listen with an open heart. Try to understand what is being conveyed to you, but don't follow it mechanically. Let it first become an understanding in you, then follow your understanding, not my instructions."

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 7, #9

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment
Excerpted from: The Last Testament, Vol.3, #16

"The whole educational system is ambitious. All the religions are ambitious. They are all promising and giving hope to people that their ambitions will be fulfilled after death. That's why people are missing something which is very simple, which needs no ambition, which needs no ego, which needs no effort; which needs a simple, very simple understanding; just a little clarity, a little intelligence, and your whole life is transformed.

"The whole earth can become enlightened. We have just to change the educational system, to change the organized religions of the world, to change the political structures of the society. And we have to allow every child his way. Whatever he wants to become, let him become. Even if he turns out to be a beggar, he will be far more fulfilled. Forced to be a king, he will not be happy to be a king; that will not go according to his heart. Let something happen according to his heart" Osho


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