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What is Truth?

"And the problem is that truth is just within you.

"Truth needs no journey.

"It needs only a remembrance." Osho

To know anything we need to start with ourselves. Osho, ever the contrarian, invites us to be selfish and to find our truth, our love, our compassion and to seek the answer to the greatest question: What is truth?

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"It is possible that you may not have been thinking on similar lines to me, and my thoughts may not match with yours, but I do not want you to agree with me; all I request is that you listen to me. Only that much is enough. It is enough to listen to the truth, silently. It is only untruth that insists on being believed. Truth brings results just by its being listened to."

Osho, Revolution in Education, #2

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What is Truth?
Excerpted from: From Darkness to Light, #22

"Truth said is truth dead.

"You are asking what is truth.

"I can show you the way so that you can see what is the truth.

"You cannot see through my eyes; you cannot get a glimpse of it through my words.

"If you are really interested in knowing, then I can show you the path which leads to truth.

"I have been calling that path meditation.

"You be silent because truth is your innermost property, your own treasure: not the kingdom of God somewhere else in the heavens, but the kingdom of God within you just now, throbbing, pulsating your heartbeat.

"It is here, but you are not here.

"You have to be brought back home. You have gone too far away from yourself. Perhaps you have got lost and you don't know how to come back home. Perhaps you are standing in front of your home, but you cannot remember that this is your home.

"I have heard about a drunkard who comes to his home in the middle of the night, but he is so drunk, it is a miracle that he reaches his house. Not really a miracle, just an old habit of the body: the poor body, simply like a robot, mechanically brings him home. But he cannot recognize that this is his home.

"A woman opens the door; she is his mother. He falls at the feet of the old woman and says, 'Help me, my old mother must be waiting for me. Where is my house? Just lead me.'

"The mother tries to tell him, 'I am your mother. This is your house.'

"He says, 'Don't be ridiculous. My old mother waits for me without eating, and half the night is gone. It happens every day, and every day somebody or other helps me and leads me to my home. You be kind enough ... just think of my old mother and help to show me where my house is. I cannot figure it out.'

"At that very moment another drunkard, a friend, comes staggering along, and he says, 'Don't be deceived by anybody. I am here, your friend; I will take you to your home. Just hold my hand, hold it tight, and I will take you to your home.'

"The mother says, 'Don't go with that idiot! He is drunk just like you, and wherever he takes you, it is not going to be your home. This is your home. The farther he takes you, the farther away you will be from your mother and your home.'

"All your so-called religious leaders have been taking you away from yourself, towards God.

"God is the longest distance from you.

"If you want a definition of God, that will do: The longest distance from you, the absolute distance from you." Osho


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