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Why Is Communication So Difficult, Particularly Between Lovers?

"Communication as such is difficult. Of course it is more difficult between lovers. But first you have to understand the general difficulty of communication. Each mind has been conditioned by different parents, different teachers, different priests, different politicians. It is a different world in itself. And when two minds try to communicate, as far as the ordinary mundane things are concerned, there is no difficulty. But the moment they start moving beyond things into the world of concepts, communication starts becoming more and more difficult." Osho

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"Listening means hearing with attention, with awareness. The act of hearing must not go to sleep. You must be focused in it. You must be here and now – open, aware, not only listening to me but at the same time conscious that you are listening. Then the act of listening becomes double-arrowed. One arrow is towards me, another arrow is towards you, the listener. Then the act becomes conscious."

Osho, Early Talks, #4

Why Is Communication So Difficult, Particularly Between Lovers?
Excerpted from: Sat Chit Anand, #11

"How to communicate? On each single word you have different opinions, prejudices, conditions. The words are the same, but the moment you say them, and the other hears them, he is not hearing the same meaning, he is hearing a different meaning. Of course the word is the same, but the word triggers a totally different meaning. So if your communication is about higher things, it is more difficult, almost impossible.

"As far as lovers are concerned, they have still more difficulty in communicating, because the feminine mind functions differently, and the masculine mind functions differently. And man has been conditioned by society in a different way to how the woman is conditioned. And both have to live together, twenty-four hours. It becomes heavy. It becomes heavy because whatever the man says, the woman hears something else. The woman is not much in the head, she is much more in the heart: the man is much more in the head. That creates a great disparity."

"Communication is possible with equals, and communication is possible beyond the mind. You will find here with my people, slowly, slowly a communication is developing. As their consciousness goes higher, they will start understanding many things which they were not able to understand before. They will not only understand their own unconscious, they will also understand the woman's unconscious. They will not only understand their own minds, they will also understand the feminine mind, and vice versa. And because they both are beyond, there is a possibility of tremendous understanding.

"The world will be at peace only when man and woman have come to a deep understanding. And with that deep understanding there will be great love, great compassion, great friendliness. It is an absolute to be achieved. Without it man can never become civilized." Osho


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