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Osho Audiobook - Excerpted Talk: Why Do I Regret the Past? (mp3)


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Why Do I Regret the Past?

Talk #42 of the Series, From Bondage to Freedom

"…You are not victims, you are just actors in it. You can keep your witness untouched by whatever happens. And the witness knows no regret, the witness cannot say, 'I am sorry.'…" Osho
AudioBook - Details Excerpted from: From Bondage to Freedom, #42, Question 3
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"I don't regret, I don't feel that it should have been otherwise. No, whatever has been should have been exactly the same as it has been. And I am perfectly happy with every act and with every consequence, because everything has been a tremendous teaching. It is just that you have to change your outlook, and the whole of life becomes a terrific drama."
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Excerpted from: From Bondage to Freedom, #42, Question 3
Have you ever regretted anything in Life? – Because I have never heard you saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ Please say something on this

"I am sorry! – but I have never regretted in my life, for the simple reason that whatever I do, I do it wholeheartedly.

"You regret because you never do things wholeheartedly, you are always divided. Some part of you wants to do it, some part of you is against doing it. If you do it, the part that was against is going to make you regret. If you do not do it, the part that was for it is going to make you regret. Anyway, you are in a fix.

"A divided mind cannot avoid regret. He always looks backward, and he always thinks perhaps the other alternative was better. But nothing can be done about it now, except regretting.

"I have never regretted in my life, because in the first place, I never do much. To regret, first you have to do something. So, basically, I am a good for nothing: why should I regret?

"Secondly, if circumstances, situations, are such that I have to do something, then I do it totally. And I never look back because there is nothing to look back for. Whatever I did, I did totally; there is no part of me which can say, "I was telling you, don't do it." So who is going to regret? And whatever has been done cannot be undone. So what is the point of crying and weeping over spilled milk?

"So I can say to you I am really sorry – but I am helpless: this is the way I am. And I have enjoyed not doing; I have also enjoyed doing anything totally. There is no reason to regret anything.

"You regret only because you think that things could have been better. To me, they have always been better. Whatever it was, to me it was the best. I enjoyed it fully." Osho

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