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The Man of Enlightened Freedom

The dimension of the mysterious

Track #8 of the Series, The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart

"Maneesha, this is the last talk of the series called The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart.

"It is very appropriate – exactly the right time – that you have brought the great master Engo's statement about the enlightened man.

"For centuries man has been thinking about the definition of enlightenment. A long succession of efforts have been made, but nobody has been able to bring a perfect definition of enlightenment, or of enlightened men. Engo comes very close, almost to the point; hence he has to be heard with absolute silence. He is saying something which is difficult to say. His effort is tremendously valuable.

"He says about the enlightened man:The enlightened man enjoys perfect freedom in active life.

"That is the foundation of his following statements; it has to be understood, with all its implications."
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Osho continues:
"The unconscious man lives according to others – either following them or denying them, but the focus is always the other. So there are followers and there are anti-followers; there are theists and there are atheists. But at the very foundation they are no different. One is positively in favor of some doctrine and one is negative, reactive, against the same doctrine, but both are hanging on to something other than themselves. They are other-oriented.

"I am always reminded of Jean-Paul Sartre, and his statement that 'the other is hell.' He may have made it in a different context, but in itself the statement is valuable. I want you to know: the other is hell because the other takes away your freedom. It may be done very lovingly, without any bad intention. It may be done with all good intentions but that does not matter: the ancient saying is that 'the path to hell is paved with good intentions.'

"The parents, the teachers, the neighbors, the friends – all are continuously giving a shape to your life, a style to your life. If you look into your mind you will find many voices together: your father is speaking, your grandfather is speaking, your mother, your brother, your teachers, your professors. But one thing you will not find there is your voice. Your voice has been completely repressed by other voices.

"Layer upon layer, you have lost track even of your own voice, of your own self, of your own face. So many masks

"When a small child comes into the world, he is just a clean slate; and you immediately start writing on his slate without even bothering to ask his permission. You make him a Christian, you make him a Hindu, you make him a Mohammedan; you make him anything you want to make him – and you don't understand that consciousness is not something that you can give a mode to, a certain pattern. What ultimately happens from all your efforts and intentions is a hypocrite, a person who knows that he is doing something but his heart is not in it. He becomes phony; he becomes a slave of all the others who surround him."
En este título Osho habla sobre los siguientes temas:

freedom… statues… witnessing… looking… celibate… following… fallacy… context… doctrine… ananda

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