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Track #8 of the Series, The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here

"Devageet, it is a good sign, the headache – the beginning of the revolution. Only one thing you misunderstood. I have not said that sex will fall off, you will fall off – but enlightened, don't be worried.

"Here people die only enlightened; otherwise they hang around, hang around, go deep and go hardand one day they drop off. And this dropping off is really entering into eternity. You would not need any meditation. Meditation is needed for those who cannot think too hard and too deeply. The headache indicates what is going to happen to you

"But it does not matter whether sex falls off or you fall off. Your physical, mental, social personality is what you know about yourself. The moment sex drops off, you become for the first time really alone – because sex is your relationship with the world."
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Osho continues:
"For the first time you become immaterial, because sex is binding you to matter. For the first time you become transcendental to your body and biology.

"The death of biology or chemistry or society in you is, in other words, the resurrection of your real life.

"I have always loved the story about Jesus. Christians have misunderstood him, as usual; they thought that it was really a factual resurrection – bodily, biologically, psychologically. That's where they have missed the point. He certainly resurrected, but in a spiritual sense. He died on the cross as a physical personality, and he resurrected as a spiritual being.

"So whether sex drops or you drop – because you and sex are almost synonymous – what remains is your authentic life.

"So, Devageet, you are moving on the right path. Headacheand the head will drop off; then other aches and other things will start dropping off. Finally you will be left only with that which is immortal. And that is our whole search, that's what we are seeking. These things which can be taken away will be taken away; only that which cannot be taken away from you is yours.

"A reporter once asked Winston Churchill whether he agreed with the prediction that women would rule the world by the year 2000.

"Churchill replied, 'Yes, they will still be at it.'

"Woman is also a symbolic word. To man it represents nothing but sex. If you take it literally, then Churchill is to be condemned for condemning women. But if you take its metaphorical meaning, then woman is replaced by sex; that's what it represents in man's mind. And sex has been ruling over the world from the very beginning, if there was any beginning, and is going to rule man to the very end – if there is an end.

"Only a few people have transcended the physical, the sexual, the psychological, and have entered into a different dimension that I call enlightenment. And unless the enlightened are listened to, understood, there is no hope for the world.

"It is not that millions of enlightened people are needed; just two hundred enlightened people on the earth, and the whole earth will be dazzling with their light, with their being."
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