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Living without Any Tomorrow

Track #28 of the Series, The Last Testament, Vol.1

This is a fascinating recording of an interview with Osho, while at the commune in the USA, answering questions for the first time from the world’s press.

In this interview: Tracy Berry, KEZI TV, Eugene, Oregon, United States

"Glad to meet you

Good evening.
I wanted to start out with a series of questions about these interview sessions. Journalists, I'm sure, have gotten to learn a lot about you, and I'm wondering what you've learned about some of the journalists?


This is probably the highest degree of visibility that you've had in this country since you came here several years ago. Where do you go from here? You've called yourself the world's greatest showman. Are you planning to take your show on the road?

"No, the roads will come to Rome! All roads will be coming to Rajneeshpuram. I'm not going on any road."

Do you plan to continue speaking?

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Osho continues:
There've been rumors you might go back into a silent period.

"I create rumors also."

Does this herald an expansion phase for Rajneeshees – your going so public? Is it possible in the next few years we might see communes going to Portland, or Rajneeshees recruiting a new membership, led with you in this more vocal phase?

"They are increasing, and they are expanding all over the world."

Specifically, what sort of efforts are going on?

"The same that is happening here, is happening around the world in all of my communes. People are trying to live in a new way. The past of humanity has failed, utterly failed. It has not been able to create a better man, a better society. Civilization has only remained a word; it has not been yet actualized. In my commune you can see the beginnings of a new man.

"The commune is not a family. It is just the opposite – dissolution of the family. Families are small units which have kept people confined, their love confined, their respect confined. A commune is coming into the open, out of your small circle of hypnotic conditioning.

"In the commune you are not a Hindu or a Christian or a Mohammedan. In the commune you are not a communist or a fascist. The commune does not live according to any ideology – political or religious or social. Each individual lives according to his freedom, according to his responsibility, according to his meditative consciousness. And the more a person meditates, goes deeper into himself, he starts living on the outside with new values which he had never known before: love, compassion, friendliness, joy, celebration – and for no reason at all.

"People celebrate when there is some reason to celebrate. We simply celebrate, because celebration in itself is a reason. There is no need for any other reason; it is enough unto itself.

"Our people are free in every possible way. So we are dropping the old patterns of jealousy, competitiveness, politics. There is no politics, there is no competitiveness, there is no jealousy. If one lover moves to another lover, there is no antagonism – it is simply understood that it is human.

"Many inhuman things have been imposed on man."
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