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Track #30 of the Series, The Last Testament, Vol.1

This is a fascinating recording of an interview with Osho, while at the commune in the USA, answering questions for the first time from the world’s press.

In this interview: Fred Bruning, Newsday, Long Island, New York, United States

Good evening.

"Glad to see you."

How do you stay warm in such a cold room?

"It is not cold.
To me it is very cold.

"To me it is only cool."
You feel better in cold surroundings such as this? Have you always, even as a child?


I come from a newspaper on the East Coast which is interested in you and your work. I would like to ask a question that, as I understand, is a basic question asked in meditation: Who are you?

"It is a little bit complicated. It is not an ordinary question. When you ask, 'Who am I?' you are not waiting for an answer. There is nobody to answer you. But by constantly inquiring, 'Who am I?' slowly slowly other thoughts start disappearing."
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Osho continues:
"You become more and more attuned with only one thing – this quest, 'Who am I?' When all thoughts have disappeared and only the sound, 'Who am I?' remains, that is the miracle moment. That sound also disappears. First it kills all your thoughts, and finally it commits suicide – not that you get an answer, but the question disappears. And that is the moment of ultimate bliss."

Maybe if I am a bit less metaphysical, then. How would you describe yourself?


Why is that?

"A description is possible only of an object. And I am not an object; I am a subjectivity. I can describe the table, I can describe the grapes, I can describe the whole world – except me. Description is applicable only to objects. I am always the witness. If I describe myself, in the very nature of things that description becomes false, because I am again witnessing it. I am always the witness, which cannot be reduced to an object."

Is it possible for you to describe others – other individuals?

"No – as objects of course, but not as subjectivity. I can describe the color of your hair, I can describe the clothes you are wearing, but I cannot describe you, the being you are – that remains indescribable. And that's the whole mystery of existence, that at the ultimate core, at the very center, is something that you can experience but you cannot explain."

You seem like a very certain individual, a man sure of himself. But I wonder if you have doubts about your work, about your role?


You are not subject to self-doubt?


You don't second-guess yourself in any way?

"There is no question. For thirty-two years I have not encountered any doubt in me, any question in me. Yes, before I became enlightened I had millions of questions, millions of doubts. The moment I came to know myself, that dark night was over. Now there is no question of doubt, no question of repenting, no question of planning for the future. Just this moment is enough – I am totally contented with it as it is."

Things couldn't be better?

"No, not for me."
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