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Be Ready

Track #5 of the Series, The Last Testament, Vol.1

This is a fascinating recording of an interview with Osho, while at the commune in the USA, answering questions for the first time from the world’s press.

In this interview:
Sheela: I have some champagne, some cigars.

"That's good."

Sheela: What would you care for?

"Good. Keep them by my side."

Sheela: The silver ones are Brazilian and the others Romeo and Juliet Havanas.

"Good. Yes…."

Howard Sattler
6PR Radio, Australia
You have the champagne, I have the water. You say you're an ordinary man. Where does that place the rest of us?

"You will be drinking water and I will not be touching the champagne. There is the difference."
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Osho continues:
You and particularly your Rajneeshees have created quite an impact on Western Australia – where I come from – through a lot of things: their commercial endeavors and their efforts to start a community school in our southwest. The people of Western Australia want to know about you, about your people. Could you tell them what sort of person you are?

"I don't know at all. I just live moment to moment, so you cannot confine me into a personality You cannot define me, you cannot predict me. I don't even know myself what I am going to do tomorrow morning. I am simply as open as existence and as indefinable as existence itself. So people have to figure out whatsoever they want – I am available. There are people who love me, there are people who would like to kill me. They have chosen different parts of me, they have focused their eyes according to their prejudices. But I am not in any way concerned about the opinion of others. I don't have any opinion about other people, any judgment about other people."

Are you a threat to their existence and their futures? Many people have been told you are.

"Perhaps. If you don't understand what I am saying, I am certainly a threat. But if they understand what I am saying they will rejoice, there is no threat. In fact, I want to make these people contemporaries. They are not: somebody is hanging two thousand years back with Jesus Christ, somebody is hanging even farther back with Moses or Buddha. These people certainly will feel me a threat because I belong to the present.

"I want them to come to the present, otherwise there is no hope for humanity. These people are simply walking corpses, burdened with the whole load of the past – ugly, superstitious. Certainly I am a threat to their superstitions, I am a threat to their rotten theologies. I am a threat to their concepts about morality, God, religion, about everything they have that is out of date. Certainly they will feel threatened because that's how they have become identified in their own eyes, and it is always difficult to change.

"Whenever a man like me is there, there are not two ways: either you have to be with me or you have to be against me.Does that mean that they have to become Rajneeshees?

"No, there is no need: they have to become contemporaries, that's enough. Rajneeshees are not an alternative, they are simply the groundwork for the contemporary man to begin with."
En este título Osho habla sobre los siguientes temas:

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