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I Change with Reality

Track #2 of the Series, The Last Testament, Vol.1

This is a fascinating recording of an interview with Osho, while at the commune in the USA, answering questions for the first time from the world’s press.

In this interview: Erich Widdeman & Rainer Weber, Der Spiegel, Hamburg, Germany
I don't know what Sheela has told you about the way we like these discussions to go. We do a complete write-up, edit it, and then send the text to you or to your confidants to be reedited. These interviews are not meant to be question and answer, but rather a controversial discussion. For you, it is an opportunity to get rid of prejudices against you and your religion.
There will be a couple of questions which have been asked many times before, for which I apologize.

"No problem. You just ask whatsoever you want, and in whatever way you want. And a question may have been asked thousands of times, but I have not given the same answer again and again and again."
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Osho continues:
"My answer has been different a thousand times. So you need not be worried; this is my business. You just ask."

That might be one of the reasons you're being judged by the public so controversially, because your answers are not always the same on the same subjects.

"But I am controversial! It is not a judgment of the public, it is the reality."

You say that it is not your answer that changes, it is the reality that changes?

"Yes. It is reality that changes, and I change with reality. I am certainly controversial. There is nothing wrong about the public thinking me controversial."

Is there anything you are really angry about? Any controversial issue?


You're beyond all this controversy?

"I just enjoy it."

Your followers call you 'Bhagwan.' How should people who do not belong to your group address you?

"They have to address me as Bhagwan.What does Bhagwan mean?

"The blessed one."

What is the difference between the meanings of 'the blessed one,' 'the enlightened one,' and 'the awakened one'?

"There is no difference.So it's also true that a blessed person is a continuous laughter?

"That's true."

And also every enlightened person is a continuous laughter?

"That's true."

Would you please for our audience give a brief rundown of your biography and your first enlightenment? What happened, and how?

"I don't have any biography. And whatsoever is thought to be biography is utterly meaningless. On what date I was born, in what country I was born, does not matter. What matters is what I am now, right here."

Something that matters, for instance, for the American immigration authorities is whether you were adopted by an Indian gentleman who is an American citizen, for instance. Could you elaborate on that?

"Everything has been explained to them. All the documents have been given to them. Now it is for them to decide. If they decide against me, I am going to fight up to the Supreme Court."

That means they have not yet accepted the explanation?

"For four years those lousy people are just sitting there, doing nothing – no decision this way or that."
En este título Osho habla sobre los siguientes temas:

religion… ego… conscience… controversial… responsible… coincidence… live… superman… sartre… bodhidharma

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