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Nothing Unnatural, but Something Unique

Track #7 of the Series, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih: The Soundless Sound, Peace Peace Peace

"It is one of the crimes against humanity to be a missionary. A missionary is a hypocrite. I don't want you to be a missionary; I want you to be a mission – and there is a great difference between the two.

"The missionary is simply trying to convert the mind of the other person into a certain doctrine, religion. But a man who is simply sharing his heart and his being with no desire to convert is not a missionary, he is a mission. He is a living flame which can put the whole community in which you live afire. And particularly simple people like the Eskimos don't need to be converted, they need to be loved. They need more light to be brought into their lives, more understanding."
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Osho continues:
"And strangely, when you go to the simple people like Eskimos, you are not only sharing yourself, you are also learning much from them – much that humanity has forgotten.

"The ancient people who are still ancient, who have not entered the contemporary world, have much to give you. But the missionary is not there to learn anything, only to teach. Learning is insulting to him; he is a man of knowledge. He knows more than the Eskimos – but there are dimensions which the poor and simple and the primitive people know, of which you have become completely unaware. There are communities in the world still….

"One community deep in the Himalayan part of Burma has never known any war in its whole history. It is impossible for them to fight, but they are primitive; they are not civilized people. If Sigmund Freud had gone to that small community he would have been shocked to know that nobody dreams. Because nobody is repressed, there is nothing to dream.

"First you have to repress things which are important and natural; you have to be against the natural and the instinctive, then only can you create dreams. That which has not been lived in your waking hours you will have to live in your sleeping time. But if you are living totally, without repressing anything, then certainly you will not have any dreams. Your sleep will be a tremendous silence.

"Missionaries have reached there too. They could not believe that those people don't dream: 'Perhaps they are lying or perhaps their dreams are so deep that they forget completely when they wake up in the morning.' But deep research has shown – and there are very simple methods to know whether a person is dreaming or not – that those people have not dreamed.

"Once in a while somebody has dreamed. They have a strange ritual. When somebody dreams he goes to his elders and tells them his dream. Sigmund Freud and Adler and Jung should forget that they are the founders of psychoanalysis. These people have practiced psychoanalysis for thousands of years not knowing that it is psychoanalysis – and it is not done by one person, but by all the elders of the commune."
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