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The Lion and The Fox

Track #11 of the Series, The Secret

"Man is continuously preoccupied with inventing a self for himself, but the invented self can never be the real self. There is no possibility that the invented will ever be the real. The real self has to be discovered, not invented.

"The invented self becomes our ego. The real self is not in any way the ego. The real self is not a self at all; it is utter emptiness, and the silence of emptiness, and the joy of emptiness.

"If you want to invent a self you will have to ask others; that's the only way to invent it – to gather opinions of what people think about you. That's what we go on doing our whole lives. That's why we are so afraid of people's disrespect. That becomes our bondage."
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Osho continues:
"We want to be respectable, because if we are respectable then people's opinion about us is beautiful. They praise us and we can have a better self. If we are not respectable people condemn; and then you will not ever have a beautiful self, you will have an ugly self. Your self consists only of the opinion s of others; it is a patchwork. A has said something, and B has said something else, and C something else, and so on, so forth. You collect all these things, these paper cuttings. Then you make an image out of them – you fix them together, you glue them together.

"From the very beginning the child starts collecting this rubbish. The mother says something, the father, the brother, the neighbors: if it is gratifying he starts feeling proud, if it is not gratifying he starts feeling depressed. To avoid depression he goes on flattering everybody that he meets. The flattery is nothing but an arrangement: 'I will flatter you so that you can give me a good certificate. I will flatter you more if you are willing to give me an even better certificate.' But all these certificates are just from the outside, and nobody knows you, who you are – not even you yourself.

"So what others say about you is almost irrelevant to your reality. They only know your appearance, and appearances can be very false. The person who looks very gentle on the outside may be very egoistic inside. That gentleness may be just a camouflage, a protection, an armor. The man who looks very clever on the outside may be just the opposite – he may be utterly stupid. The stupid person has to pretend cleverness; it hurts to know, 'I am stupid.' The man who goes on bragging about his knowledge is bound to be ignorant. But who wants to be known as an ignorant person? – he collects some information and goes on broadcasting that information to people. Slowly, slowly he gathers a reputation that he knows, but this knowledge is false, this reputation is false. These certificates are given to you by people who don't know you, who can't know you."
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