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The Sky Is Not Scratched By the Cloud

Track #6 of the Series, Dogen, the Zen Master: A Search and a Fulfillment

"Maneesha, man is by birth a buddha – every man, good or bad, right or wrong, sinner or saint, it does not matter. As far as one's buddhahood is concerned, it remains untouched by what you do, by what is your behavior. Because this is the case, the problem arises that if everybody is a buddha then why this effort and endeavor, this seeking and searching for buddhahood?

"This question was asked not only to Dogen, it was also asked to Gautam Buddha himself, who is only one buddha in the long line of buddhas who have passed before him and after him; but perhaps the most prominent, perhaps the most recognized. To satisfy the ordinary questioner Buddha said, 'It will come in its own time,' just as flowers come in their own time and clouds come in their own time and the sun rises in its own time."
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Osho continues:
"In existence there is a continuity of timing. It is not that today the moon will be a little late or the sun will continue a little longer. There is absolute certainty that everything happens in nature when the right time comes, so the right time simply means the right opportunity, the right climate, the right readiness, receptivity. And then you need not be worried about buddhahood, because as far as buddhahood is concerned you already have it. What is missing is a recognition. You have forgotten your name, that is all that is missing. Perhaps a certain situation is needed in which you can be reminded about your name.

"Before I talk about Dogen's sutra I would love to share with you an incident in Edison's life. He was such a prominent scientist, such a great teacher, that nobody ever referred to him by name. His parents died early and he was so involved in his work that he had no friends. All that he had were scientists who were studying under him. Obviously they could not call him by his name, Edison. They all called him 'Professor.'

"Slowly, slowly he himself forgot what his name was. If for fifty years nobody uses your name and then suddenly somebody calls you by your name, it is possible you will get a shock. You will feel that somehow you remember this fellowa memory, a faraway echo in the mountains. But ordinarily this does not happen because every day you are reminded of your name.

"It was a special case with Edison. His parents died early, and he was a genius from his very childhood. He alone was capable of inventing one thousand things which had never existed in the world. You will not be able to find anything around you on which there is not Edison's signature.

"In the first world war the ration card was for the first time introduced, and everybody had to go to the office to register. Obviously every office where names were registered was crowded, people were standing in queues. Edison also stood in a queue. When the man standing ahead of him gave all the information and got his ration card and went away, the clerk looking at the list called the name loudly, 'Will Mr."
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