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Marriage: The Coffin of Love

Track #18 of the Series, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness

"It is unique, for the simple reason that it is not a relationship at all. We will have to go deep into the very idea of relationship, only then will you be able to understand what is transpiring between me and you.

"The old religions, all of them, accepted the relationship of master and disciple in the same way as they accepted the relationship between father and son, brother and sister, husband and wife. The relationship between master and disciple was a relationship of the same nature. The relationship between a father and a son, a brother and a sister, is a static phenomenon. It remains the same, it does not change. It is in a way a dead relationship. You can see it when you compare it with the relationship between two lovers, the lover and the beloved."
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Osho continues:
"Their relationship is very fragile, every moment changing, unpredictable; one cannot say what is going to happen tomorrow, or even the next moment. This creates fear. The unpredictability, the unknown future naturally destroys the relationship between lovers, and creates something similar to father-mother, brother-sister: the marriage.

"The marriage is to avoid the fear of change; the marriage is to make the relationship solid. But love is such a phenomenon that the moment you make it solid, it dies. The moment you make it static, it is no more there.

"Love is just like a spring breeze; it comes, and when it comes it brings tremendous fragrance, beauty – but it goes. When it comes it gives you the feeling that it is going to remain forever. And the feeling is so strong that you cannot doubt it, there is no way to doubt it. Under that intense, doubtless certainty, you give promises, the beloved gives promises, not knowing at all that it is a spring breeze. It comes when it comes, it goes when it goes. It is not within your hands. You cannot capture it in your fist. You can feel it when your hand is open, its coolness, but the moment your fist is closed there is no breeze there, there is no coolness there, no fragrance there.

"But out of fear you turn love into the same category as the relationship with your father, with your mother, with your sister, with your brother. You forget completely that the mother is not your choice, the father is not your choice, the brother or sister is not your choice. They are given factors. But the woman you have fallen in love with is the only thing in your life which is not given by birth, which is not determined by birth, which needs a conscious choice. That too creates fear.

"Just think: if you had had to choose your mother and your father and your brothers and your sisters, your life would have been so burdened with anxiety: whom to choose, whom not to choose? But these things are just given by your birth, nature provides for you; they are biological.

"Love is psychological."
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