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The Last Testament, Vol.1

Interviews with the World Press
At the commune in America, for the first time ever, Osho gives interviews to the world media. This series of recordings are transcripts of these often hilarious exchanges.

Included are questions from Good Morning America, Der Spiegel, 60 Minutes (Australia), The Guardian (England), Panorama (Italy), Portland TV, the Seattle Post Intelligencer and others.
In dynamic, often humorous and always intimate exchanges, Osho talks with reporters about why he chose to break his years of silence, his views on the Pope, how the world can save itself from global suicide, his being labeled the "free sex guru, " AIDS and religion; why his people are perceived as having an inner peace; on brainwashing, the separation between Church and State, the City of Rajneeshpuram, and the famous 93 Rolls Royces.
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Excerpt from: The Last Testament, Vol. 1, Chapter 1
"Nothing. Not a single thing has come out of Jesus which has helped humanity in any way. All those teachings have proved not blessings, but curses. They are beautiful words and because they have been repeated so often, you have and everybody has forgotten the implications of them.

"He says, ‘Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of God.&rsquot; It looks beautiful, but basically it is ugly. It is a consolation to the poor. It is an exploitation of the poor. It is giving false hope to the poor, and the ultimate result is that the world has remained poor.

"Who would not like to inherit the kingdom of God? Jesus says that even a camel can pass through the eye of a needle, but a rich man cannot enter through the gates of heaven. Now this man is responsible for all the poverty in the world. He is condemning richness. He is condemning the creativity which can make the world rich.

"I am all for richness in all dimensions, and I cannot say, Blessed are the poor. That is just what Karl Marx said: Opium of the people. It is possible to use beautiful words, but if you go into the implications, what are the Christians doing today and what have they done for two thousand years? They will open orphanages. They are against birth control. They are against abortion." Osho
En este título Osho habla sobre los siguientes temas:

love... energy... moment... sex... enjoy... existence... religion... marx... jesus... laxmana...

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