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Osho Book: Above All, Don't Wobble


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Above All, Don't Wobble

Individual Meetings with a Contemporary Mystic
An extraordinary chronicle of intimate meetings between Osho and people of all ages and all walks of life from around the world.

At these meetings people living and working around Osho, or just visiting, have an opportunity to ask personal questions on any and every aspect of their lives or to share experiences.

In these humorous, unpredictable, one-off dialogues, Osho responds very personally to each individual with unique insights and support.
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OSHO Media International
140 x 203 mm
    # 1: Cooperate with Love
    # 2: Personal and Existential
    # 3: When Anger Is False, Laughter Is False
    # 4: When Death Is Taboo, Fear Uncoils
    # 5: Be a Chaos at Ease
    # 6: Live Dangerously
    # 7: The Rock Bottom of It All
    # 8: Life Is beyond Your Control
    # 9: Intrinsic Imperfection
    # 10: Use That Clarity
    # 11: Free and Alive
    # 12: Be Capable of Non-Doing
    # 13: Health Is a Function of Love
    #14: Love Is as Rare as Buddhahood
    #15: Keep the Doors Open
    # 16: Ride on the Wave of Harmony
    # 17: Outgoing, Ingoing
    # 18: Be Available to the Unknowable
    # 19: Guilt, the Shadow of the Ego
    # 20: Slipping into the Vertical
    # 21: Totality Transforms Quality
    # 22: The Transparency of Children
    # 23: Emptiness and Stuffing
    # 24: Beyond Experience
    # 25: Dancing with the Whole
    # 26: In Tantra, Forget about Technique
    # 27: Now Follow That Insight
    # 28: A Synthesis of Love and Awareness
Excerpt from: Above All, Don't Wobble, Chapter 6
"Many people, many – almost ninety percent – have decided to live on the plain ground, safe, not taking any risks. They never fall to the depth, they never rise to any heights. Their life is a dull affair, a drab thing, monotonous – with no peaks, no valleys, no nights, no days. They just live in a gray world, without colors; the rainbow doesn’t exist for them. They live a gray life, and by and by they also become gray and mediocre.

"Never settle for any mediocrity because that is a sin against life. Never ask that life should be without risk, and never ask for security, because that is asking for death. Live dangerously – because that is the only way to live.

"The greatest danger is to reach to the greatest peaks of divineness, and to fall to the greatest depths of hell. Become a traveler between these two, unafraid. By and by you will come to understand that there is a transcendence. By and by you will come to know that you are neither the peak nor the depth, neither the peak nor the valley. By and by you will come to know that you are the watcher, the witness. Something in your mind goes to the peak, something in your mind goes to the valley, but something beyond is always there – just watching, just taking note of it – and that is you. Mind has polarity, you don’t have any polarity – you are a transcendence.

"Remember this word transcendence. You are transcendental: you go beyond both the polarities. Both the polarities are in you but you are neither; you tower higher than both. Once you become in tune with this transcendence then you walk, not on the plain ground, but between the valleys and the peaks, remaining so balanced that no plain ground can remain as plain as this.

"This is something inner; it has nothing to do with the ground. The ground is very high and low – both heaven and hell are there – but you are somewhere far, far away from both. You simply watch the whole game of it, the whole play of consciousness.

"Homesickness will arise; it is part of our security, part of our mediocre life. But there is no home. These are just conveniences, just consolations that we create around us to give us a false feeling of security – because every moment death is coming closer and closer. Every moment the grave is calling, and sooner or later everybody is going to be in the grave. The home is not going to remain a home forever. At the most it is a caravanserai – you stay for the night, an overnight stay, and by the morning you go.

"Life is an eternal journey…there is no home. To understand this homelessness is to understand life." Osho
En este título Osho habla sobre los siguientes temas:

anger... moment... need... experience... sad... sadness... energy... tathata... ouspensky... bennett...

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