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Obedience Needs No Art

Track #12 of the Series, Beyond Psychology

"It is true. Even if it happens in a hundred years time it will be too soon.

"But the question is significant in a totally different way. It is not the realization of the vision, the coming of the new man, a new humanity – that will come in its own time. The more important thing is to be able to visualize it.

"Everything great that has happened in the world has been an idea first. Sometimes it took hundreds of years for it to become a reality, but the joy of having a vision, an insight into the future, is immense. The people who are with me should rejoice that they can see a possibility of the old rotten world disappearing and a new fresh human being taking its place."
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Osho continues:
"Just the vision will change you at least, will shift your being from the past to the future. In a certain way you will start living the new man, who has not yet come. You will start living the new man in small ways, and each moment of that living will be a blessing. As you become acquainted, within yourself, with the explosion of the new and the destruction of the old, you are changing, you are going through a revolution.

"I am interested in you. Who cares about what is going to happen after a hundred years? Something must be going to happen, but it is not our business. When I talk about the new man I am really talking about you, for you to become aware of the possibility, because that very awareness will change you. I am not interested in the future; I am simply interested in the immediate present.

"The future will go on for eternity, but if your mind can be cleaned of the past rubbish, and if you can see the faraway rising sun. I am not interested in the sun, I am interested in your vision, in your capacity to see, in your understanding, in your hope that it is possible. That very hope will become a seed in you. The new man will come whenever it has to come. But the new vision can come right now.

"With the new vision, you participate in a subtle way with the man who has not come yet, with the humanity who is still in the womb. You start having a synchronicity, a certain relationship. Your roots from the past start dropping, and you start growing your roots into the future.

"My interest, I repeat, is basically in you. I am neither interested in the past, nor in the future. I talk about the past so you can get rid of it; I talk about the future so you can remain open to it. But you are the point of my emphasis.
Nothing thrills me more than when you speak about nirvana. How mysterious it is that I can long so much for something that I don't know and you can't say. The word itself is still unpolluted and so wondrous. On the other hand, I noticed last week that we now have 'enlightened' insurance policies! Would you please thrill my heart once more?
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