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Alok, Find a Real Terrible Woman

Track #4 of the Series, Yoga: The Path to Liberation

Why am I always afraid of being old?
Show me how I can get rid of it.

"Life, if rightly lived, if really lived, is never afraid of death. If you have lived your life, you will welcome death. It will come like a rest, like a great sleep. If you have peaked, climaxed in your life, then death is a beautiful rest, a benediction. But if you have not lived, then of course death creates fear. If you have not lived, then certainly death is going to take time from your hands, all future opportunities to live. And in the past you have not lived, and there is going to be no future: fear arises. Fear arises not because of death but because of the unlived life."
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Osho continues:
"And because of the fear of death, old age also gives fear, because that is the first step of death. Otherwise, old age is also beautiful. It is a ripening of your being, maturity, growth. If you live moment to moment, to all the challenges that life gives, and you use all the opportunities that life opens, and if you dare to adventure into the unknown – that life calls and invites you – then old age is a maturity. Otherwise old age is a disease.

"Unfortunately many people simply age, they become old, without any maturity corresponding to it. Then old age is a burden. You have aged in the body, but your consciousness has remained juvenile. You have aged in your body, but you have not matured in your inner life. The inner light is missing, and death is coming close every day; of course you will tremble and you will be afraid and there will arise great anguish in you.

"Those who live rightly, they accept old age with a deep welcome, because old age simply says that now they are coming to flower, that they are coming to a fruition, that now they will be able to share whatsoever they have attained.

"Ordinarily old age is ugly because it is simply a disease. Your organism has not matured, has only become more and more ill, weakened, impotent. Otherwise old age is the most beautiful time of life. All the foolishness of childhood gone, all the fever and passion of young age gone…a serenity arises, a silence, a meditation, a samadhi.

"Old age is tremendously beautiful, and it should be so because the whole of life moves towards it. It should be the peak.

"How can the peak be in the beginning? How can the peak be in the middle? But if you think your childhood is your peak, as many people think, then of course the whole life will be a suffering because you have attained your peak – now everything will be a declining, coming down. If you think young age is the peak, as many people think, then of course after thirty-five you will become sad, depressed, because every day you will be losing and losing and losing, and gaining nothing."
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