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Track #10 of the Series, Yoga: The Path to Liberation

I was doing sadhana under the guidance of some other teacher.
At that time I had no problem of sex. But tensions existed there in my mind.
After coming to your shelter tensions have disappeared but a new problem of sex has arisen. Due to sex a new tension has started.
What to do in this state? Please guide me.

"Once you take anything as a problem, it becomes impossible to solve it. No problem as such can be solved. If you see deeply in any problem, without accepting it as a problem, the solution surfaces itself. So the first thing to be learned is drop the old habit of looking at things as if they are problems. You make them problems.

"For example: sex. It is not a problem at all."
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Osho continues:
"If it is a problem, then you can turn anything into a problem. You can turn breathing into a problem. Once you look at breathing as a problem, you will start asking how to get rid of it. You will become afraid of breathing. Sex is not a problem – sex is a simple, pure energy. But living with some teacher you have been conditioned because almost ninety-nine percent of teachers take sex as a problem. They are not teachers in fact. They have not solved anything in their own life. They are as much in trouble as you are; they have as much neurosis as you have.

"A man of insight has no problems; and a man of insight never helps anybody else to have a problem.

"I cannot solve your problem if you have the mechanism to create it. But I can give you my insight to see through and through, to see more transparently, with more clarity and perception.

"So the first thing to be considered: why you call sex a problem. What is problematic in it? If sex is a problem, then why isn't food a problem? If sex is a problem, then why isn't breathing a problem? If sex is a problem, then why, anything can be converted into a problem. You just need to look that way and it becomes a problem.

"In different cultures, different societies, different things are thought to be problematic. If you have been brought up under the influence of Freud, then sex is not a problem at all. Then not to be sexual will become a problem. That has become a problem to many Westerners.

"One woman came to me, must be about sixty-five, and she said, 'Osho, my sex desire is disappearing. Help me' – because if you have been influenced by Freud too much, then sex is almost equivalent to life. If the sex desire is disappearing, you are dying, then death is very close by. So to the very end, on the death bed also, you have to remain sexual beings. You have to force yourself to be sexual beings.

"This is altogether a new problem, particularly for Indians, who cannot think of it as a problem."
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