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Osho eBook: Being in Love (Sony , Nook , Kindle)


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Being in Love

How to Love with Awareness and Relate Without Fear

What Is Love?

In this thoughtful, provocative work, Osho – one of the most revolutionary thinkers of our time – challenges us to question what we think we know about love and opens us to the possibility of a love that is natural, fulfilling, and free of possessiveness and jealousy.

With his characteristic wit, humor, and understanding, Osho dares us to resist the unhealthy relationship patterns we’ve learned from those around us, and to rediscover the meaning of love for ourselves. "By the time you are ready to explore the world of love, you are filled with so much rubbish about love that there is not much hope for you to be able to find the authentic and discard the false.

"Being in Love will inspire you to welcome love into your life anew and experience the joy of being truly alive by sharing it.

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    #1: Belief Is Not the Answer
    #2: In Search of Salvation
    #3: Moving into the Unknown
    #4: Doubt Is the Door to Trust
    #5: From Darkness to Light
    #Epilogue: Peace Has to Dance, Silence Has to Sing
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Excerpt from: Being in Love, Introduction
"First you have to understand the love that is a natural phenomenon. Even that has not happened. First you have to understand the natural, and then the transcendental. So the second thing to remember is, never be in search for a perfect man or a perfect woman. That idea too has been put into your mind – that unless you find a perfect man or a perfect woman you will not be happy. So you go on looking for the perfect, and you don’t find it, so you are unhappy.

"To flow and grow in love needs no perfection." Osho


Amazon Review:

"As usual, I find Osho extremely insightful and refreshing. This is a wonderful book for anyone wanting to be in Love or already in Love. Any loving relationship will benefit from reading Osho!"

"This book has given me so much insight about love, and being in love and letting go and how to let go when the time comes. I have about 5 of his books; they all have been read at least +3 times. I recommend this book to everyone!"

“This book is great. Very informative and knowledgeable with the ways of life and love. I related a lot to this book and it has changed my life. If you have issues with love or you want a better understanding of love then this book can help you have a wider understanding. Some of Osho’s ideas I would have to disagree but for the most part he is right on point.”


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