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Osho eBook: Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder (Sony , Nook , Kindle , iBook)


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Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder

What Happened to the Sense of Wonder I Felt as a Child?
Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder looks to each person’s last state of innocence –childhood-–to recover the ability to truly be curious.

The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on the most important questions in the life of the individual. Each volume contains timeless and always-contemporary investigations and discussions into questions vital to our personal search for meaning and purpose. The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on questions specific to our inner life and quality of existence, for example: Is it possible to have an authentic spirituality without a belief in God? What is meditation and how does it work? What can I do as an individual to make the world a better place?

The third title in this dynamic and exciting series, Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder, looks to each person’s last state of innocence--childhood--to recover the ability to truly be curious. Osho discusses why it is important to look to our "inner child" and how it can help you understand the person you have become. Each book in the OSHO Life Essentials series offers truly unique and transformative responses to essential and timeless questions that we can use as stepping stones to a greater understanding of who we are and why we are here.
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    #1: The Eyes of Wonder 1
    #2: Hearts and Minds
    #3: Knowledge Is Not the Same as Knowing
    #4: Answers Are Dangerous
    #5: Old Habits Die Hard
    #6: Like a Child
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Excerpt from: Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder, Chapter 1
"When there is no possibilty of knowing, your energy does not move in that direction anymore. When you have realized that there is no possibilty of knowing, that the mystery is going to remain a mystery, that it cannot be demystified, your energy starts moving in a new direction – the direction of the heart. Thats why i say love is related to wonder and awe, to childlike innocence. When you are not obsessed with knowledge you become loving." Osho

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