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Sex Matters

From Sex to Superconsciousness
"Sex Matters" links sexuality to transcendence, insisting that sex is important for both physical and mental well-being.

For the first time, the profoundly simple and compassionate Osho insights into this most compelling of human energies are collected into one volume in Sex Matters. The book begins with selections from the worldwide bestselling volume of talks first published under the title, "From Sex to Superconsciousness." And continues with a broad sampling of Osho responses to heartfelt and real-life questions from young and old, men and women, parents and teachers, therapists and lovers. The sanest and most life-affirmative perspective you’ll ever find.

In the late l960’s, Osho, then known as a popular, though often controversial, philosopher in India, was invited to speak in Bombay’s largest outdoor park on the nature of love. These talks turned out to be historic, earning Osho the label of sex guru which followed him for the rest of his life, such was the taboo of this topic at that time in India. Osho begins with the premise that sex in its uncorrupted purity is simply equivalent to the life force itself. A healthy infant finds everything sensuous, from sucking his fingers to playing with his food. But almost immediately limits are set on the child’s behavior that subtly reinforce the idea that many pleasurable activities are forbidden and shameful. Osho deconstructs layers and layers of sexual repression and guilt to show how people can reclaim the innocent and sensuous playfulness they enjoyed as children. By restoring our sexual functioning to a healthy state, Osho shows how erotic activity can be a valuable tool for self-discovery and transformation, and explores ways to experience sex as a form of meditation.
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    #Part I: From Sex to Superconsciousness
    #Part II: Sex Matters
    #Part III: Neither Original nor Sin
Excerpt from: Sex Matters, Chapter 1
"The basic obstuctions are man-made, are created by humans. Otherwise the river of love is meant to flow and reach the ocean of life. Humans are here so that they can flow as love and arrive at godliness.

"What are the man-made obstacles that we have contrived? The first thing is that up till now, all of human culture has been against sex, against passion. This opposition, this negation has shattered and destroyed the possibility of the birth of love in humans.

"The simple truth is that sex is the starting point of all journeys to love. The birthplace of the journey to love – love’s Gangotri, the source, the origin of the Ganges of love – is sex. And everybody is inimical to it – all cultures, all religions, all gurus, all holy men. Theirs is an attack on the Gangotri itself, on the very source, and the river is stopped there: ‘Sex is sin…sex is irreligious…sex is poison.’ And it never enters our minds that it is sexual energy that ultimately transforms and transmutes into love.

"The evolution of love is nothing but sex energy transformed." Osho

Eugene Kennedy, author of The Unhealed Wound: The Church, the Priesthood, and the Question of Sexuality:

"Every once in a while, a book comes along that, like a marvelous invention,makes you say, ’Why didn’t somebody do this long ago!’ Sex Matters rediscovers the human, and rewards rather than punishes one for being in that state. It is a wondrous revelation that will give peace, confidence and courage all at the same time."

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