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Osho eBook: Next Time You Feel Angry


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Next Time You Feel Angry...

Chapter #3 of the Series, And the Flowers Showered

"The true nature is your eternal nature. You cannot have it and not have it, it is not something that comes and goes – it is you. How can it come and go? It is your being. It is your very foundation. It cannot be sometimes, and not be sometimes; it is always there.

"So this should be the criterion for a seeker of truth, nature, tao: that we have to come to the point in our being which remains always and always – even before you were born it was there, and even when you are dead it will be there. It is the center. The circumference changes, the center remains absolutely eternal; it is beyond time..."
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Osho International
    #1: The Potency of Emptiness
    #2: All Knowledge Is Borrowed
    #3: Next Time You Feel Angry
    #4: The Path Is Just in Front of You
    #5: Death Is No Ordinary Phenomenon
    #6: The Perfect Man Is Centered
    #7: Let the Moment Decide
    #8: Philosophy Solves Nothing
    #9: A Different Way of Being
    #10: It Is Right before Your Eyes
    #11: Not Mind, Not Buddha, Not Things
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