Osho Book: Beyond Psychology - Edition 1


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Beyond Psychology

Talks in Uruguay
Osho shows us that the real meaning of taking responsibility is to go beyond the narrow confines of the mind – to move beyond our psychology and into consciousness.

Osho shows us that by becoming aware of the mind and its patterns, habits and judgments, we are taking the first step to going beyond its narrow confines – beyond psychology and into the open sky of consciousness that we all yearn for.

"The people who will go beyond mind will create the new man, the new mind. And the most special thing to be remembered about the new mind is that it will never become a tradition, that it will be constantly renewed."

"Just live the moment with intensity and totality. Live it with as much joy as possible, with as much love as possible, with no fear, no guilt. This existence is yours and this moment is a gift – don’t let it go to waste. And don’t be worried about enlightenment, the moon. This moment, living totally, is enlightenment."
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165 x 212 mm
    #1: Truth Is the Greatest Offender
    #2: Live the Mystery of Existence
    #3: Truth Can Only Be Your Own Experience
    #4: Dancingly Disappear
    #5: You Have to Go Nowhere
    #6: A Lot – and Nothing
    #7: Empty from Birth to Death
    #8: The Head Is Compulsory, but Not the Cap
    #9: I Want to Provoke Your Jealousy
    #10: The Ostrich Argument
    #11: Existence Is Happening, Not Doing
    #12: Obedience Needs No Art
    #13: Christianity Is an Empty Box
    #14: Let It Sink within Your Heart
    #15: I Have Kept My Wondering Eyes Alive
    #16: Emptiness Has Its Own Fullness
    #17: The World Is Where the Work Is
    #18: Terrorism Is in Your Unconsciousness
    #19: Step Aside, Let the Mind Pass
    #20: It Is All Happening Silently
    #21: The Most Blissful Moment – When You Cannot Find Yourself
    #22: Freedom Doesn't Choose, It Discovers
    #23: Trees Grow without Being Taught
    #24: Whenever the Ego Gains, You Are the Loser
    #25: The Mind Collects Power by Resting
    #26: The Circle Can Be Broken
    #27: So Which Way Are You Moving?
    #28: Going Just with His Flute and a Bottle of Wine
    #29: Money Is a Strange Thing
    #30: New Bottles for Old Wine
    #31: Every Human Being Is a Seeker of Truth
    #32: Life Consists of Small Things
    #33: A Gap between You and Life
    #34: The Science of Hypnosis
    #35: Falling above the Mind
    #36: Wake up and You Are It
    #37: Each Moment Is Insecure
    #38: A World beyond Time
    #39: Have Your Own Mind
    #40: The Body Does Not Have Beliefs
    #41: Times of Crisis Are Just Golden
    #42: An Experience of the Cosmic Consciousness
    #43: Logic Should Serve Love
    #44: Watchfulness Is the Greatest Magic
Excerpt from: Beyond Psychology, Chapter 41
"This is the situation of many people of intelligence. Either they are going insane…you can see it, psychotherapy and other schools of therapies are growing fast, and they are the most highly paid people. People are going through psychoanalysis for years at a time. In fact people have started boasting. In women’s clubs you can go and hear it, that one woman will be saying, ’How many years have you been in psychoanalysis? – just seven years? I have been in psychoanalysis for fifteen years.’ It has become something of pride. But to be in psychoanalysis simply means you are insane; otherwise why are you taking the treatment? And it is spreading.

"But the most intelligent people are rushing towards the East to find some way, some method, some meditation – Yoga, Zen, Sufism, Hasidism. Somewhere somebody must know how to get over this critical stage, how to go beyond the traditional mind and still remain centered, sane, and intelligent. Thousands of people are moving towards the East.

"It is very hilarious because thousands of people are coming from the East to the West to study science, medicine, engineering, electronics, and the people who know all these are going to the East, just to learn how to sit silently and do nothing.

"But it is a beautiful time. The grip of society is lost. Yes, the mediocre will suffer, but anyway they were not enjoying, they were not really living; they were simply being hypocrites. By being insane at least they will be real, authentic. They won’t lose anything – of course they won’t gain much…

"The people who will go beyond mind will create the new man, the new mind. And the most special thing to be remembered about the new mind is that it will never become a tradition, that it will be constantly renewed. If it becomes a tradition it will be again the same thing.

"The new mind has to become continuously new, every day new, ready to accept any unexpected experience, any unexpected truth…just available, vulnerable. It will be a tremendous excitement, a great ecstasy, a great challenge.

"So I don’t think this crisis is bad; it is good. A few people will lose their masks, and will be actually what they are – neurotic, psychotic – but at least they will be true and they will be honest. You may think they are mad; they are not mad, they are simply in a state of very great surprise. They have believed too much in the old mind, and it betrayed them.

"But the best of the intelligence will reach to heights unknown before. And if even in a traditional world, a man like Gautam Buddha or Chuang Tzu or Pythagoras is possible, we can conceive that in the atmosphere that the new mind will create, a thousandfold more awakened people, enlightened people will become easily possible.

"If the new mind can prevail then life can become an enlightening process. And enlightenment will not be something rare, that it happens once in a while to somebody very special; it will become a very ordinary human experience, that only once in a while some really idiotic person misses." Osho
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