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OSHO Discover the Buddha App

Osho describes Gautama Buddha as the greatest breakthrough in the evolution of human consciousness because his discovery of meditation shifted the focus away from praying to a god toward meditation; toward becoming alert to the potential of each human being for godliness.

The 52 cards in this deck comprise a thoughtful guide to understanding the Buddhas important contribution to human enlightenment.

Each card contains a sutra, a commentary by Osho, and a beautiful image of a Buddha statue.

Readers can first enjoy the words as poetry and allow them to evoke an intuitive, emotional response; they can then read Osho's corresponding entry.

A 53rd card, called Sammasati, represents the last word spoken by the Buddha and an inspiring reminder of the readers own buddhahood.

Individual sutras include Only Love Dispels Hate; Beyond Judgments; Neither Praise Nor Blame; Conquer Yourself; Beyond Sorrow; Awake Forever; and The Shining Way.
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    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Only Love Dispels Hate…
"What is the law? That hate never dispels hate – darkness cannot dispel darkness – that only love dispels hate. Only light can dispel darkness: love is light, the light of your being, and hate is the darkness of your being. If you are dark inside, you go on throwing hate all around you. If you are light within, luminous, then you go on radiating light around you. A sannyasin has to be a radiant love, a radiant light.

"Aes dhammo sanantano. Buddha repeats this again and again – this is the eternal law. What is the eternal law? Only love dispels hate, only light dispels darkness. Why? – because darkness in itself is only a negative state; it has no positive existence of its own. It does not really exist – how can you dispel it? You cannot do anything directly to darkness. If you want to do anything to darkness you will have to do something with light. Bring light in and darkness is gone, take light out and darkness comes in. But you cannot bring darkness in or out directly – you cannot do anything with darkness. Remember, you cannot do anything with hate either.", Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol. 8
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