Osho Book: Rebellion, Revolution, and Religiousness


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Rebellion, Revolution, and Religiousness

Meditation Brings Utopia to Earth
"Rebellion is individual action; it has nothing to do with the crowd. Rebellion has nothing to do with politics, power, violence. Rebellion has something to do with changing your consciousness, your silence, your being. It is a spiritual metamorphosis. And each individual passing through a rebellion is not fighting with anybody else, but is fighting only with his own darkness. Swords are not needed, bombs are not needed; what is needed is more alertness, more meditativeness, more love, more prayerfulness, more gratitude. Surrounded by all these qualities you are born anew." – Osho

"Certainly, my rebellion is based on yes yes to existence, yes to nature, yes to yourself. Whatever the religions may be saying and whatever the ancient traditions may be saying, they are all saying no no to yourself, no to nature, no to existence; they are life-negative."My rebellion is life-affirmative. I want you to dance and sing and love and live as intensely and as totally as possible. In this total affirmation of life, in this absolute yes to nature, we can bring a totally new earth and a totally new humanity into being." Osho
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New Falcon, U.S.A
    The Art of Freedom Reform,
    Revolution and Rebellion-the 3 R's of Man?s
    Priests and Politicians -parasites in Power
    Dictatorship-the Power in Their Hands
    Freedom Is Not License
    Consciousness Evolving Means Society Dissolving
    R Evolutionaries Are Not Really Revolting
    Meditation Brings Utopia to Earth
    Rest in Peace-or Pieces
    Rebellion Is the Biggest "yes" Yet
    Gnosticism-the Root of Religious Rebellion
    The Rebellious Spirit Is 100% Proof
    Anarchism and Consciousness
    Compromises-your Dignity on the Gallows
    Religiousness and Rebelliousness -two Names for the Same
    Meditation Is the Only Unselfish Act
    One Seed Can Make the Whole Earth Green
    I Belong to Eternity, You Can Too
    Be Realistic?plan for a Miracle
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Excerpt from: Rebellion, Revolution, and Religiousness, Chapter 1
"Freedom from is ordinary, mundane. Man has always tried to be free from things. It is not creative. It is the negative aspect of freedom.

"Freedom for is creativity. You have a certain vision that you would like to materialize and you want freedom for it.

"Freedom from is always from the past, freedom for is always for the future.

"Freedom for is a spiritual dimension because you are moving into the unknown and, perhaps one day, into the unknowable. It will give you wings." Osho
American pop idol Lady Gaga revealed in a first press conference on her India visit her love for books by Osho.

Asked about Osho she responded: "Oh yes Osho! I read a lot of Osho’s books and I believe "Rebellion" was my favorite so far. I have been reading a lot about rebellion and how creativity is the greatest form of rebellion in life."

In an interview with TIMES OF INDIA she said: "I love reading Osho, so that was my first experience with India"

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